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    Request CAPSTONE Mission

    I am now requesting for the development of an addon based on the upcoming CAPSTONE lunar orbiter, It is a planned lunar orbiter that will test and verify the calculated orbital stability planned for the Gateway space station. The spacecraft is a 12-unit CubeSat that will also test a navigation...
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    Vessel HAVOC Venus Mission with Orion or Starship scenarios

    This tentative addon would call for scenarios of a manned mission to Venus, with either the Artemis rocket (SLS) or the alternative scenarios with the Super Heavy and Crew Starship missions (BrianJ has yet to develop the crewed version). This animation depicts the concept of the mission.
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    Vessel Crewed Starship and Moonship ft. BrianJ

    Even though there is a current addon by BrianJ simulating the Starship test flights and a hypothetical simulation of Starship cargo missions, I have thought of an idea of simulating a Crewed Starship and Moonship on scenarios including a manned mission to Mars, the simulated construction of the...
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    Vessel Boeing SRB-X

    I have just seen this Live action/CGI proof of concept video of what an Shuttle SRB-derived vehicle would be like and I have just one rocket that would be adaptated for the ORBITER simulator! Boeing's SRB-X Rocket!
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    Idea The World of For All Mankind

    I was scrolling through the Simple Rockets 2 models and I have founded the 3D model for the Jamestown Lunar Base from the For All Mankind TV series and the Saturn V cargo variant used for it's liftoff and wondered if it would be developed as part of World of For All Mankind mod for AMSO...
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    Request Spacecraft of Stephen Baxter's Titan

    Ever since I have discovered the NASA trilogy by British author Stephen Baxter, I have thought of one day see an addon/fictitious scenarios that would take place in the world of Stephen Baxter. set in the second installment of the NASA Trilogy, Titan. The following spacecraft in the novel...
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    Vessel Peregrine Lander and payloads

    With the plans by NASA, United Launch Alliance and Astrobotic Technology to launch the Peregrine Lander in July of 2021 aboard the Vulcan Centaur rocket, I have thought of requesting for an addon pack of various payloads that will be launched aboard the lander, Two American lunar rovers built by...
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    Request Aurora Space Station

    I have been seeing images and a video relating to the Aurora Space Station, one of the future space stations/hotels that is set to launch during the 2020's decade, And I have been curious over the possibility of having the station in addon form. This is the video here:
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    Vessel Change'e 5 Sample Return Mission

    This is an vessel request for the Chang'e 5 mission scheduled for launch in November 24th. Anyways, we have six weeks until Chang'e 5 lifts off!
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    Request Tianwen Mars Mission

    Tianwen-1 is a planned mission by China to send a spacecraft, which consists of an orbiter, a lander and a rover, to Mars. The name "Tianwen" (Chinese: 天問), which means Heavenly Questions or Questions to Heaven, comes from the long poem of the same name written by Qu Yuan (about 340–278 BC), one...
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    Vessel Iron Sky Universe vehicles

    A Few Years ago, I have been requesting for the addons of the ships seen in the original Iron Sky, including the USS George W. Bush, The Banzai, Dundee 01, Spitfire, Canadarm 3, and Mir. I have been wanted to expand on that by adding the South Korean scout ships "Zerg", an docking scene on the...
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    Vessel Firefly Alpha (Multistage 2015)

    Hey guys, I was looking up more spacecraft and rockets that are needed to become add-ons for Orbiter 2016, as there is one rocket that hasn't had an addon before, and that is the Firefly Aerospace Firefly Alpha, an two-stage orbital expendable launch vehicle developed by the American aerospace...
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    Request OMOTENASHI CubeSat Lander for Orion/SLS

    OMOTENASHI (Outstanding MOon exploration TEchnologies demonstrated by NAno Semi-Hard Impactor) is a small spacecraft and semi-hard lander of the 6U CubeSat format that will demonstrate low-cost technology to land and explore the lunar surface. The CubeSat will also take measurements of the...
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    Vessel CONTOUR (Comet Nucleus Tour)

    This is an request for an addon as an expansion of BrianJ's Delta II Rocket addon that would launch the failed CONTOUR Spacecraft alongside the addition of comets Encke and Schwassmann-Wachmann-3, and d'Arrest.
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    Request My fictional NASA spacecraft ideas

    Throughout Thanksgiving night, I have continued to think of multiple fictional NASA Spacecraft I have came up with. The following is ideas of fictional NASA spacecraft I would see as Orbiter addons: * Io Flyby and Sample Return * Pluto Orbiter and Lander (based on actual NASA studies) *...
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    Request Fictional Cassini successor Saturn Orbiter with multiple probes

    This is a request of an fictional spacecraft that I have came up with that would be used on Orbiter 2016, which is a fictional successor to Cassini-Huygens. The components of the spacecraft would consist of an Saturn Orbiter, an Enceladus lander, an Iapetus lander, the Titan Zeppelin, an Titan...
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    Vessel Sea Dragon for NASSP and AMSO

    This cancelled rocket is called The Sea Dragon, The rocket is bigger than both the Saturn V and BFR and would've carried the Apollo-like CSM spacecraft. This rocket would be simulated on both Orbiter 2010 (AMS) and Orbiter 2016 (NASSP) to launch the Apollo capsule into orbit from an water...
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    Vessel RemoveDebris satellite

    This satellite is needed to be as part of the expansion of BrianJ's SpaceX Dragon addon, that would simulate the launch and deployment of the RemoveDebris satellite test mission that would require the ISS A to Z addon
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    Idea Breakthrough Starshot mission to Alpha Centauri

    I have seen the animation for the concept mission "Breakthrough Starshot" which would be simulated on Orbiter using an new MFD that would have the lasers propel the Interstellar sails into Alpha Centauri (which the scenarios would require United Systems Fleet)
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    Vessel Artemis Human Landing System

    The following is an proposal for an addon expansion for the MPCV Orion and SLS Rocket calling for the addon of the HLS Human Landing System for Orbiter 2016. The Human Landing System is scheduled to be launched on Artemis 3, with the goal of carrying not just astronauts, but also the first...