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  1. kuddel

    Discussion Astra (aerospace company)

    V3.1 was not so much a success...😞
  2. kuddel

    Problem D3D9 Client: Lost device - Orbiter 2010-P1 - Win 10

    Just another idea I had: Did you overclock your graphics? That could lead to "device removed" exceptions any time.
  3. kuddel

    Problem D3D9 Client: Lost device - Orbiter 2010-P1 - Win 10

    Ah, by the way: Have you tried window-mode vs. full-screen, if that makes any difference? In window-mode you might have a better chance in seeing what might cause the interrupt.
  4. kuddel

    Problem D3D9 Client: Lost device - Orbiter 2010-P1 - Win 10

    @Sraepaly, thanks for providing the D3D9ClientLog - but sadly enough, that log can not contain the reason for the interruption. While @STS talks about popups, any background task (like a chat or system monitoring app) that might pop up on the screen? A "low battery" or "high CPU usage" warning...
  5. kuddel

    Problem D3D9 Client: Lost device - Orbiter 2010-P1 - Win 10

    Do you have any screensaver active? That might interrupt the connection to the Direct3DDevice.
  6. kuddel

    Vessel Mars 2020 Rover and Mars Helicopter Scout

    Look at your code! Or single-step through it Hint: look for "return" statements That should give you an idea of the program flow. Something like { // ... int keyConsumed = 0; if (KEYDOWN(kstate, OAPI_KEY_ADD)) { eAccDir = FORWARD; keyConsumed = 1; } else if...
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    Idea Shuttle Fleet recompile for Orbiter 2016

    You are running a Release build! As I mentioned earlier to you the Debug build is for debugging. So always debug with a Debug build! The compiler optimizes code (in Release builds) in such ways, that those "jumps" look strange, but trust me it's normal. To really see what's going on you have to...
  8. kuddel

    News "Metallic Hydrogen Is Going to Change Everything"

    Good luck with building a pressure vessel for this :/ source:
  9. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Revision 90. It's from September 14th 2019, so 'kind of stable and people using the BETA would always take the HEAD revision (which is rev. 90).
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    [math] tags/LaTeX Typesetting

    Could this (post #51) possibly help in displaying the old tags?
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    Discussion area flattening experiment - SUCCESS

    Do they provide at least an option to convert it to whatever-they-use-now (git I assume)?
  12. kuddel

    Support NASSP: P23 Program Explanation

    A flashing verb 50 noun 25 is used to indicate a checklist option to the user... checklist number is in R1.
  13. kuddel

    Resolved Search seems not to work

    I've tried to search or "gcGUI" in the "D3D9Client Development" thread but nothing was found... Even if I added to search only posts by user "jarmonik", still no cigar. And I am sure that "gcGUI" is mentioned in that thread (see for example here...
  14. kuddel

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    it is just an experimental feature set as a placeholder for now ;) If you like to know more bout that, you'll take a look at the D3D9Client Development thread (I am currently not yet good at searching the new forum, so no direct link here, sorry) Edit: Ah! Found it: Little more detailed answer...
  15. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    That should not happen. Can you try selecting "linear interpolation" vs. "cubic interpolation" in the Visual effects tab? This might help. I know this is not a solution, but maybe a work-around
  16. kuddel

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    It's an experimental feature and is called "gcGUI"; it can be disabled in the D3D9Client Advanced Video setup:
  17. kuddel

    Vessel Mars 2020 Rover and Mars Helicopter Scout

    A quick change in MoveAround makes the thing move ;) Forward, backwards and a little siteways (when wheels were turned by 5 and 6 key), but the details work are up to you.
  18. kuddel

    Vessel Mars 2020 Rover and Mars Helicopter Scout

    Oh, I think I did not take my own advice :doh: The wheelspin has to be time dependent too! So it's something lke this // ... // current speed to wheelspin (can become negative or greater than 1) wheelspin += simdt * currentSpeed / 3.5; // The "3.5" has unit [m] and is...
  19. kuddel

    Vessel Mars 2020 Rover and Mars Helicopter Scout

    Hello again, I've took a look at the (new) code and had to do some modifications to make the wheel animations work as they should. See the comments in the attached code (Marked with "kuddel"). The actual movement of the rover currently only works in forward direction, but as I don't really...
  20. kuddel

    Software Odd Visual Glitch

    This looks like Z-fighting (or z-buffer-fighting). The only "fix" I can imagine is to write a special zoom plugin, that "moves" the camera much closer to the object on the line of sight, so z-fighting is strongly reduced. Other tan that, it's a known issue you cannot do much against.