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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Wedding went very well. Thanks folks! In hindsight these past four posts (including this one), should probably get moved over to the random comments thread. That's where I intended to post this... thx
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Well...getting married today, so that's cool. Wish me luck folks.🙂
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    Request Ragtags ships Firefly with shuttles,mule,and skids,UMMU,and UCGO compatible.

    Somewhere, in one of the many old hard drives I own, there is the ultimate Orbiter 2006 install. I have yet to find it...
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    Project V8 Release Work Thread

    I've been out of the dev and IRC loop for a bit, so @indy91, correct me if I'm wrong, but afaik the current LVDC update applies just to the Saturn Ib. Do you have any quick save scenarios before or during launch you could share so we could test, that's probably the easiest way to answer what's...
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    OHM Whatever happened to JMarcure

    Don't think John ever registered for O-F. He had his own forum (Rag Tag Forums), which is now sadly off line. His website is still online though
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    Apollo 9 - LM activation before GET 048:00:00 issues?

    Apollo 7 and 8 should be fine in NASSP 8, as long as you start from the pre-launch -4hr scenarios (the mission scenarios haven't been updated in a while) I actually just made a minor update to he Apollo 7 checklist so that in the unlikely event that you need to do the NCC2 burn, there's...
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    Phosphine detected in the atmosphere of Venus

    XKCD doesn't miss a beat, as usual
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    Phosphine detected in the atmosphere of Venus

    Oh I agreed wholeheartedly.
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    Phosphine detected in the atmosphere of Venus

    At the very least, it should encourage more missions. Very exciting stuff.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I have 5€, and only $3, in my wallet right now. No one in Maine will take the euros, weirdly enough....
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    That's good news. I'm always nervous to let my cats out, but they're so darn independent, it's hard to say no to them.
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    Request Calculator MFD

    Interesting idea, although in 2020, I do use my phone a fair bit as a calculator. If someone decides to make it, just make sure it does RPN.
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    Announcement OHM - Deployments, and fixes

    After having tried the beta now a bit, first of all, I have to say I love the look. I have a few additional points: I can agree with @80mileshigh, I think what's immediately presented when you visit OHM, should be addons for the current version. I also think the "categories" list should be on...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Reminds me of
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    Announcement OHM - Deployments, and fixes

    That's awesome! Great to see the progress you guys have made, thank you so much for your hard work. And congratulations on getting married! I'm doing the same thing next weekend. Try not to worry to much about Orbiter during your honeymoon, there'll be plenty of time for that later.
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    Update Deepstar development

    @80mileshigh, from an aesthetic standpoint, I'm curious about the original conception of Deepstar. It's a darn pretty ship, and I'm interested to know where/how you came up with the idea for the look. The lifting bodies and landers look superb as well, BTW. RE: UMMU: Watch this thread for...
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    Orbiter Store - Your purchase supports Orbiter-Forum & Orbithangar!

    Oh. Hi @garyw. There were a few years where I wasn't too active here, so forgive my ignorance. For some reason my brain just has an imprinted memory of you as part of team blue here.
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    Request Long March rockets

    Coming soon to a school near you. But in all seriousness, this thread should have some helpful information to anyone looking to take this on:
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    News Germany eyes space satellite launchpad in North Sea

    Wonder if they need an engineer.