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  1. llarian

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Thanks, Ripley. Got it. I think that the "beta" indication on the selection is what threw me off.
  2. llarian

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Following this thread I am a bit confused as to which is the latest update. Thread mentions 4.17 and 4.18 but the project site seems to have only up to 4.11. What is the current release and where is it, please?
  3. llarian

    Question Spacex Dragon ISS icon ...

    I have noticed on recent images of the Spacex Dragon capsule that they have been painting a blue ISS icon beside the door for each visit of the capsule to the ISS. I have been unable to locate a decent image of the icon alone to use on capsule liveries. Can anyone point me in the right...
  4. llarian

    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    No. 2.91 has all the latest bug fixes and bells and whistles. Some experimental features may be added. 2.83 will be maintained at a constant level. Bug fixes will be made as they occur and are fixed but not all of the latest features are added. 2.83 is a solid commercially usable product. That...
  5. llarian

    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    Just a quick reminder folks, the long-term service (LTS) version of Blender is 2.83.10. The latest distributed version is 2.91.2
  6. llarian

    Need to calculate orbital elements for six spacecraft ...

    All in the Ecliptic plane would be simplest. With the inclination difference between Earth and Mars it would be the easiest but I may want to split the difference. The six vessels are intended to be "safe harbour" stations for Earth-Mars missions. I didn't think the scenario editor would handle...
  7. llarian

    Need to calculate orbital elements for six spacecraft ...

    Here is a challenge and one which challenges my very limited abilities in orbital calculation. I plan a solar orbit at 1.6 AU from the sun. There will be six co-orbital spacecraft in this orbit at equidistant points beginning at the first point of Ares. What will be, or how will I determine...
  8. llarian

    Resolved Not a bug ... How to shut off Shoutbox permanently ...

    Thanks Kuddel. Yeah I knew that. I just didn't want to have to turn it off every time I come into the forums.
  9. llarian

    Resolved Not a bug ... How to shut off Shoutbox permanently ...

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so, how do I turn off the Shoutbox?
  10. llarian

    RIP Chuck Yeager ...
  11. llarian

    General Question Using UAP to get to Mars

    My preference is IMFD.
  12. llarian

    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    Latest report I've seen is that Crew 1 is delayed until Sunday. It may possibly be longer because Elon Musk has tested positive for Covid.
  13. llarian

    Question Where's Payload Manager SDK?

    I believe that Yuri is in the process of updating several of his addons. You will find the completed ones on OH.
  14. llarian

    General Question Orbiter 2016 - How to position aircraft in a scenario

    Gattispilot has it right. Move them with the editor. It's simple trial and error. Change the coordinates in the editor (do yourself a favour and change one coordinate at a time). Visually observe where the craft moved to and repeat the process until the craft is where you want it.
  15. llarian

    Question Return to Earth MFD

    Take a look at David Courtney's IMFD tutorials on Youtube.
  16. llarian

    Updates Blue Origin New Shepard News and Updates

    Not under the radar if you have in your bookmarks. Interesting flight but kind of boring in comparison with other flights. Wouldn't mind seeing some feedback on how its sensors are working.
  17. llarian

    Request MarsBase Skager

    It is actually Marsbase Skager and it is part of the Shado Moonbase v1.0 at Orbit Hangar.
  18. llarian

    [Tuesday] Release of OrbiterSound 5.0 for Orbiter 2016

    Yes. Just selelt "Weitere informationen" and then select for the install.
  19. llarian

    General Question Where to find a good tutorial about to introduce own rockets at OSFS2016?

    There are many tutorials available. There is one subforum dedicated to tutorials. In addition there are many, many youtube tutorials that will help you out. One series of tutorials in particular by AR81 may be of more use to you as an Orbiter beginner.
  20. llarian

    Request Kulch's addons recompiled for Orbiter 2016

    As long as I can get your updates somewhere, I don't care how you archive them. My bandwidth will handle it. Are you updating all of your addons? I do hope the Space Elevator is one of them. BTW, very good to see you back.