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    LIGO, how do they know?

    With LIGO, how do they know the direction and what object the waves are coming from? And isn't it highly coincidental they detected merging black holes just right after they turned the instrument on? Forgive me, I love telescopes and all, but I'm a little skeptical of the claims coming from LIGO.
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    Hardware Integrated graphics?

    Are today's Intel integrated graphics capable of running 2016 well?
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    OrbitHangar has 2 stuck add-ons

    OrbitHangar has 2 stuck add-ons.. 15/11/21 Rosetta - Comet 67/P... 14/11/21 Interstellar System Been at the top of the list for months!
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    Humor SpaceX Launch You Up!

    SpaceX Launch You Up!
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    Search Where can I find this huge captial ship?

    Where can I find this ship -- I've looked quite a bit of OH and in google and keep coming up empty handed - or getting my head stuffed with stupid non-relevant google-advertising and general internet crap from pages spoofing themselves with "similar"...
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    Hubble's last photo, what will it be?

    There will a come a time when HST takes its last photo. Are scientists and the telescope's handlers making any plans as to what the subject mightl be?
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    Internet CryptoLocker Ransomware (and backup reminder)

    A friendly reminder to evaluate, execute, and test your backup procedures. Now is as good a time as any especially if you hadn't done so in a while. Now for something more dark. This is James Bond and secret-agent material. This is about the CryptoLocker virus kit, or Ransomware. Arguably one...
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    32 metronomes

    cool! メトロノーム同期 (10個) - YouTube
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    Full-on 747 stall, it drops out of the sky!

    Crash just happened, supposedly it was a cargo plane full of armoured vehicles. Theory is one of them broke loose and cascaded and all the weight shifted backwards, then forwards. All sorts of instability going on here!
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    Could Bellerophon have no core?

    Could Bellerophon have no core? If this planet is tidally locked.. And orbits close enough that the iron surface is constantly boiled off from the hot side and re-condenses or percipitates out on the cold side. Wouldn't the side with all the condensing material build up a lot of material and...
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    Why are telescopes shaped like this?

    Why are some telescopes shaped like this? I'm referring to the light inlet aperture or sunshade. Why is it angled like so?
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    AstronomyCast show

    Anyone ever watch AstronomyCast?
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    What's with this pocket-size skeleton? The article explains everything. But it's kinda strange the DNA test shows it to be of an 8-yr old!
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    I think they found a cure for cancer..

    What do you think? So far it's been full on and blasted every type. There's been many dead ends in this research. But these past 5 years we've had kick-ass supercomputers modeling proteins - and I bet they came across a match. In a nutshell this treatment prevents cancer cells from hiding. Once...
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    Question Did the Apollo astronauts ever crawl under the lander?

    Did the Apollo astronauts ever crawl under the lander to look at the "damage" the descent engine blast caused to the surface? Take samples from there? I never recall seeing any reference to this. Surely some science would come from that..yes?
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    Ridiculous and crazy spaceflight ideas

    The 1960's aerospace industry was jam packed full of creativity and craziness. My favorite example was a monster-sized helicopter bigger than a football field. This chopper was designed to snatch the 1st stage of a Saturn V out of the air after it burned out but before it hit the ocean. Thus...
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    A question about radiotelescope construction

    How do they make the surfaces of the parabola to stay permanently in shape? After reading -- -- it states that the parabolic shape doesn't deviate more than 20 micrometers from optimal. How the hell they do that in an...
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    The biggest and baddest VSA you've ever seen!

    That's right. The biggest and baddest VSA is right here. Right in front of us and we don't even know it! It is the Orbiter Community itself. We've got... Pilots doing missions every day. Test pilots blowing up ships constantly. Engineers designing new ships. Architects designing new bases...
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    Are you a Synesthete? Digging into the psyche.

    Are you a Synesthete? This basically means you have synesthesia - in simple layman's terms it means you perceive something intended for one sense with several senses. Or overlay perceptions generated by one sense over another. This includes intuition. And it can be considered part of your 7th...
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    Test your color hue discrimination It will be difficult to pass if you have a 6-bit monitor. 8-bit monitors are tons easier, and pro level monitors should let you breeze through this. On my 6-bit monitor I scored 7. And on my graphic editing monitors I quickly got it...