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    G'day All

    Hey Pinetree! Cool AAR over at SimHQ. I'm on the Checklist mission too. So far I've got the hang of a manual ascent into a nice low-ECC orbit, and the turn on to suitable heading for a good inclination with ISS. Working on my node burns to zero out RInc and setting up an apogee rendevous as...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Wow! That is really cool. I'd love to be able to play Orbiter with a background image of the galactic plane - what an awesome way to appreciate mankinds's place in the cosmos... Can I put in a vote for the recent stunner from Planck? Edit: I checked out and see they have it...
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Thanx Tex. And thanx for running a super forum. I'm already finding the recommended add-ons and tutorials links really helpful, and FireBalls and Izack have welcomed me on board too. Cool!
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    Tell us about yourself!

    A bit about myself? :hmm: Well, I'm kinda hiding out here a bit. I'm an IL-2 Sturmovik fan, and kinda promised to finish a Korean War campaign I was building over at the M4T and SAS forums, and... truth be told, I got to a point where I just needed a bit of a break. I stumbled over Orbiter...
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    Hi from the Antipodes!

    Thanx Fireballs! No doubt I 'll be hollerin' for help from interplanetary space in no time at all... that, or making like a meteor somewhere over the Atlantic?
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    A new little orbiternaut has arrived

    I'm just new here, but sincere congrats EveningSky. Being a Dad is the coolest job in the solar system... best wishes to you and your little man. Mum probably helped a bit too. :thumbup:
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    Hi from the Antipodes!

    Hi all, Just tryin' out the forum for size... works pretty good. :thumbup: I had a wee play with Orbiter 2006 a while back, but my 'puter then was pretty crappy. Stumbled on the new 'oh-ten' version the other day, and it's very nice thank you. My computer is better now too - well newer...