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    NASA training ISS software

    Looking at this video, I wonder if they use Orbiter?
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    General Question SpaceX has inspired me to try Orbiter

    Is there an MFD which simulates all the automation of the capsule, because all the flying was on auto-pilot? I think most of the flying in orbiter is pretty manual?
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    Problem RendezvousMFD issue

    When approaching the ISS, my RendezvousMFD is very wierd! Quicksave: BEGIN_DESC Orbiter saved state at T = 9933 END_DESC BEGIN_ENVIRONMENT System Sol Date MJD 58999.9358751314 Context SpaceX Help CurrentState_img END_ENVIRONMENT BEGIN_FOCUS Ship Dragon END_FOCUS BEGIN_CAMERA...
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    Question Crew Dragon demo-2 mission

    So I can do this mission manually, but obviously that's not realistic and what happened in real life. How do I use some kind of autopilot to do all the things needed? The Falcon 9 mods comes with a great launch and circularisation AP, but stuck on the rest of how to automate the align, sync...
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    Crew Dragon simpit?

    A thought came to mind, the Crew Dragon is actually very easy to build, as it's only touchscreen .. no overhead, few buttons, joystick etc. The only problem is the touchscreen interface is not simulated in Orbiter. Anyone going to attempt it?
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    Discussion The next humans on the Moon & Mars shouldn't be Americans

    IMO it should be an international crew made up of Americans, Europeans, Russians etc. In a world already fractured, a multi-national effort will let the whole of humanity cheer the mission on. Putting humans on Mars should not be the job of 1 nation. I wonder if the manned Moon and Mars landings...
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    News Chris Hadfield teaches space exploration Looks very cool but pricey!!
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    BBC Astronauts: Do you have what it takes

    Anyone watching this TV show? On today they visited the German Aerospace Center and used a PC simulator to dock the Soyuz with the ISS. Was wondring what sim it is? They used 2 very nice joysticks which has given me the idea of putting them in orbiter!
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    Installation Mars HRSC high-resolution package not working

    After installing the new scenery and configuring the Mars.cfg file, and using the DGIV Mars scenario. the ground flickers black and the ship flickers in and out of view. Anyone else having similar issues?
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    Flight Question XR2 attached to HCLV in 2016

    I used to have the XS2 attached to the HCLV in Orbiter 2010. But the Hyperion autopilot does not work in 2016. Are there any equivalent launchers for 2016?
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    IMFD Automatic finding of values?

    I'm not a programmer, but instead of finding the dv values manually to make the closest approach, surely this is the perfect task for a computer? A computer can just loop trough all the values?
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    Scenario How to put a space station into orbit around Mars?

    I'm looking to get a space station into orbit around mars so i have something to dock at. Apparently this one is good (Ceres V3.0). But how do i put it in orbit and what values are recommended? I imagine using the scenario editor somehow?
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    Flight Question Stuck using IMFD from Earth to Moon

    Im trying to use IMFD to go from the Earth to the Moon while following David Courtne's videos. Unfortunately I'm a bit stuck. The BV dV remaining seems to be going up instead of down. Hopefully the pics will make it more clearer. orbiter2 by GodAtum2015, on Flickr orbiter1 by GodAtum2015, on...
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    Problem IMFD cannot find Brighton Beach

    using orbiter 2016, IMFD 5.6 cannot find Brighton Beach. for example, on base Approach, i try to set the target as "Brighton Beach" but it cannot find it. however it does exist i think?
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    Moving to 2016: a few questions

    Hi all, I'm trying to move to 2016. My favourite starting point for all my missions in at CSSC with the XR2 attached to the HCLV Hyperion. It does not seem to work in 2016, so any equivalents? Secondly, any add-ons for joysticks to replace the Fly-by-wire? Also, any replacement for UAP...
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    Installation Appcrash when launching orbiter

    I setup the ZIP file and installed D3D9Client2016-R1. When I open orbiter_ng.exe and select any of the scenarios, i get an appcrash. Version=1 EventType=APPCRASH EventTime=131173677212134602 ReportType=2 Consent=1 ReportIdentifier=efc0f0e6-71b6-11e6-9315-60a44c64925e...
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    News The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub Do you think Orbiter devs could use this for addons?
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    Orbiter on BBC Horizon

    Orbiter was shown in use at the UK South Pole science base. It was used to test scientists motor skills! For those in the UK:
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    Hardware Can Orbiter scale?

    Could Orbiter use up multiple CPU cores and lots of RAM to get more accurate calucations? Say if I can a bladecenter lying around it would be awesome to run Orbiter on it and get amazing accuracy.
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    Question How to use the server engine remotely?

    Just trying to work out how to use the orbiter_ng server with a render engine. I've got the orbiter_ng server running on a remote server, how to I connect the render engine on my PC to it?