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    NASA training ISS software

    Looking at this video, I wonder if they use Orbiter?
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    General Question SpaceX has inspired me to try Orbiter

    Is there an MFD which simulates all the automation of the capsule, because all the flying was on auto-pilot? I think most of the flying in orbiter is pretty manual?
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    Launch News SpaceX DM-2 Launch Scheduled for May 27!

    I've watched live news broadcasts in 1080p from the middle of the ocean. It was a few mins behind live because of lag, but not sure why SpaceX cant do the same.
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    Problem RendezvousMFD issue

    When approaching the ISS, my RendezvousMFD is very wierd! Quicksave: BEGIN_DESC Orbiter saved state at T = 9933 END_DESC BEGIN_ENVIRONMENT System Sol Date MJD 58999.9358751314 Context SpaceX Help CurrentState_img END_ENVIRONMENT BEGIN_FOCUS Ship Dragon END_FOCUS BEGIN_CAMERA...
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    Question Crew Dragon demo-2 mission

    Ah sorry I'm getting mixed up ... on your 1st post you say "the 1st stage to fly on a 40deg azimuth"
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    OHM Universal Autopilots 0.3.1

    Nothing works, this is completely broken.
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    Question Crew Dragon demo-2 mission

    Interesting, not getting that plane at all
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    Question Crew Dragon demo-2 mission

    Thanks but in your scenario the 1st stage ends after the node, then the AP completes before it reaches the next node. What launch time are you using? What PeA and ApA are you using? RendezvousMFD says too far away, are you doing something in-between like sync orbit?
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    Question Crew Dragon demo-2 mission

    Thanks, so using your scenario? Set Inc to 40, ApA 400, PeA 200? launch at 19:22:45? After 1st stage separation, set inclination to 48 When you get near the node with ISS orbit, set inclination to 51.65deg (how do I do this with the Falcon AP as it shuts down, or do you mean do it manually?)...
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    Question Crew Dragon demo-2 mission

    So I can do this mission manually, but obviously that's not realistic and what happened in real life. How do I use some kind of autopilot to do all the things needed? The Falcon 9 mods comes with a great launch and circularisation AP, but stuck on the rest of how to automate the align, sync...
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    Crew Dragon simpit?

    A thought came to mind, the Crew Dragon is actually very easy to build, as it's only touchscreen .. no overhead, few buttons, joystick etc. The only problem is the touchscreen interface is not simulated in Orbiter. Anyone going to attempt it?
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    Launch News SpaceX DM-2 Launch Scheduled for May 27!

    A surprise thought came to mind ... it should be easy to make a GUI for Crew Dragon as it's only screens, I wonder if they will release a public simulator or code they use. It could be a great simulator instead of using Orbiter. Anyone flying along made a youtube video of the flight in their...
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    Discussion The next humans on the Moon & Mars shouldn't be Americans

    IMO it should be an international crew made up of Americans, Europeans, Russians etc. In a world already fractured, a multi-national effort will let the whole of humanity cheer the mission on. Putting humans on Mars should not be the job of 1 nation. I wonder if the manned Moon and Mars landings...
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    OHM Falcon9 for Orbiter2016

    To mark the upcoming mission, anyone able to share situation files?
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Just found these ... not completely correct but might be great for a pro cockpit?
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    OHM Orion autopilot

    Thanks for this addon. I am trying the Orange-SLS Lunar Mission scenario but when I launch it crashes into the ground.
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    News Chris Hadfield teaches space exploration Looks very cool but pricey!!
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    Scenario Journey to Saturn: Video Series Scenario Pack

    Looking forward to the ep 1 scenario :)
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    BBC Astronauts: Do you have what it takes

    Anyone watching this TV show? On today they visited the German Aerospace Center and used a PC simulator to dock the Soyuz with the ISS. Was wondring what sim it is? They used 2 very nice joysticks which has given me the idea of putting them in orbiter!
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    Installation Mars HRSC high-resolution package not working

    After installing the new scenery and configuring the Mars.cfg file, and using the DGIV Mars scenario. the ground flickers black and the ship flickers in and out of view. Anyone else having similar issues?