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  1. River Crab

    Gaming 'A Slower Speed of Light' Simulates a World Where c is Lowered to Walking Pace

    MIT has created a new open-source game in which relativity plays a pivotal role in the gameplay; as items are collected, the speed of light is slowed down drastically, and extreme relativistic effects occur. They are also working on a...
  2. River Crab

    Gaming Captain Forever

    Has anyone here played the Captain games? If you've never heard of them, they're a series of indie vector space shooting games by Farbs, with the main gameplay element of building a ship and destroying enemies to take their parts (the exception to this being Captain Impostor, in which you...
  3. River Crab

    News Speed of light broken?

    Thoughts? :huh:
  4. River Crab

    Radially-deploying solar panels?

    In recent NASA media I've been seeing more of those radially-deploying solar panels, like those on the Orion/MPCV SM: What is the point of this design? I can't see why this is better than a rectangular panel, both in terms of complexity and surface area. Is it something to do with the...
  5. River Crab

    Artist's Ramblings

    Some of you may remember my "Spacecraft Personifications" thread from a while ago. Um...a LONG while. For fear of making an awkward necropost that nobody wants, I think I'll rather use my blog, for the sake of the few people interested, and for the entertainment of the bored. :P (Note: images...
  6. River Crab

    Epic Threads

    Epic threads. They are nuclear lulz powerplants, providing the positive yang energy that every forum needs to achieve balance and create a "Harmonious Society." Unfortunately, epic threads, like all things, must follow the principle of impermanence. They are limited, and will not last forever...
  7. River Crab

    How YOU doin'?

    河蟹 (River Crab) here! Um...don't be afraid of me. I'm already past 100 posts, but what the heck, might as well do this now. I just gotta say that after lurking the forums for a while, I finally joined and was impressed. Very helpful and intelligent community, great to be a part! :hello: P.S...
  8. River Crab

    Spacecraft personifications

    Spacecraft personifications, formerly "XR2 Girl" This thread is devoted to spacecraft personification; What if your spacecraft were people? What would they look like and how would they act? What do they like, hate, fear, etc. Post any well-done or notable personifications you find, anything...