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  1. kevin580

    Bug Martlet getting out of control after shooting with HARP gun

    While flying again, I discovered this: I pointed the gun at the direction that I want. All was right, elevation of the gun 20°(shouldn't be a high flight), and shooting!!! Then I got this problem: Explained in screenshots: MapMFD showed this first. Look at the corner at the(current)end of...
  2. kevin580

    Problem SpaceX Dragon Texture Problems

    I have much problems with that. First: The re-entry textures are missing. I am only getting the blue/orange/green heat shield. And in the capsule, I see the chutes :idk: Second: In the Orbiter.log, there are many missing textures, too. Where to find them? Third(happens not so often): I made a...
  3. kevin580

    ASA - First HARP Missions and Preview - April 2011

    Our first missions were wonderful. The 3 satellites flown into Orbit, taken photos and soon they will be deorbited by the engine on the back of the Minisats. HARP-01: Our first mission, flown into 550km orbit around the earth, now deorbited over africa. Was scrubbed a few times because of...
  4. kevin580

    Ascension Space Agency

    Hello to our Blog. We'll post updates here and write about the next missions. More Information is on our website, And, of course, when you want, you can join us ;)
  5. kevin580

    Happy Earth Day!

    Hello guys! I wish you a happy Earth Day! Even Google has a Doodle about it ;)
  6. kevin580

    Shuttle Fleet Endeavour docked to Mir - scenario problem

    I'm using Shuttle Fleet 4.7. In the Scenario ''Endeavour docked to Mir'', the Shuttle and Mir are in an ISS Orbit. How to fix that?
  7. kevin580

    New VSA: Ascension Space Agency

    Hello all! I want to say something about my new Virtual Space Agency. First, I want to say, that you can join us(of course). And, the Idea to the ASA was from me and my friends in school. It was very interesting. Second, we have many plans, for a satellite system or a space station. We are...
  8. kevin580

    Question XR2-Bay an single object?

    Why is the Bay of XR2 an single object and not 'with' the XR2? In Scenario Editor is the Bay an single object...
  9. kevin580

    Humor Smiley Calculations

    Post the calculations here! (Idea from ChatBox) :rofl: = :lol:x:lol:x:lol: :hail: :probe: = :hailprobe:
  10. kevin580

    Search Hail Probe for Orbiter 2010 P1

    Where is the Hail Probe Add-on?
  11. kevin580

    What was the first Add-on for Orbiter?

    What was the first Add-on for Orbiter and where it is downloadable?
  12. kevin580

    What was the first Orbiter Version?

    What was the first Orbiter Version and where it is downloadable?
  13. kevin580

    Problem I get CTD when i press F8 in stock DG

    I need help!! A few minutes ago i used the scenario DG-Docked to ISS. I don`t like the virtual cockpit so much and when i press f8 to switch between normal-,virtual- and 2d cockpit i get ctd. When the orbiter log helps: **** Orbiter.log Build Oct 16 2010 [v.101016] Timer precision...
  14. kevin580

    General Question What add-ons use local light sources?

    what add-ons use local light sources im using orbiter 101016 (beta)
  15. kevin580

    General Question Can I use my old add-ons in an orbiter beta?

    I am going to install orbiter beta 101016 over 100830 (2010 p1). Can I use then my old add-ons? Sorry for maybe bad english.