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    Problem [Problem Identified] Basically a Problem Found That I found Regarding Pursuit MFD

    The beta is only avaliable through SVN. If you downloaded Orbiter 2016 from the Orbiter website, then you have the stable version.
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    Project Gemini-Titan 2 for Orbiter 2016

    I haven't forgotten that I said I'd help with this, just have a few big projects that need to be finished first, so I'm not working with split focus.
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    VC Graphical Issues and Observations

    If you check "Enable Absolute Animation Handling", in the D3D9 client advanced settings, it will fix the issue.
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    No GSE glycol cooling on the pad

    Hmm, that's not good. Are you running a sceneriao that you started fresh in 1633? Could you post a scenario? We will take a look into is, I don't imagine this is a difficult fix.
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    NASSP 8 Installation Guide

    So you're issue here is that you have the D3D9 client for Orbiter 2016 not the one for Orbiter Beta. You want the one under Downloads for Orbiter Beta 7 September 2020
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    No GSE glycol cooling on the pad

    That was a problem, but thankfully @rcflyinghokie13 fixed that a few days ago. If you update to the latest build, the issue should be cured.
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    We used to have a build thread that would post automatically, but when the forum software switched last year it broke it. It may be a while before @dseagrav is able to do NASSP stuff, so that's probably not coming back soon, in its original form at least. For big stuff and cool new features we...
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    How to timewarp without lag

    NASSP is very CPU intensive. There are many fluid and electrical systems who's states are simulated and updated multiple times per timestep, in addition, it also runs emulations of both the CMC and LGC and the LM's AGS computer. For this reason, most people are only able to run NASSP at 50-60x...
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    Project Gemini-Titan 2 for Orbiter 2016

    I agree with the scope and the timing. Splitting the vessels from the launcher is probably something we should do early on.
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    Project Gemini-Titan 2 for Orbiter 2016

    @Urwumpe, or anyone else, have you given any thought to what the scope of this project should be? I think it would be very tempting to strive toward a NASSP/SSU level of detail, but I worry that much of the information needed for that is not publicly available.
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Oooo those look nice. Maybe I can finially update this.
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    Project Gemini-Titan 2 for Orbiter 2016

    Hey, no problem. One question on the license, and yes I know we have a whole thread on this, but does being BSD make this incompatible with existing GPL addon code?
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    Project Gemini-Titan 2 for Orbiter 2016

    I was just about to message you about starting a thread, but you beat me to it.
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    NASSP Checklist with explanation

    Hello and welcome to the forum and NASSP/Orbiter. So the way the checklist MFD is suposted to work, it follows actual Apollo checklists and flight plans, as closely as possible. This assumes some prior knowledge of systems and operations, as did the real checklists. There isn't really a...
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    Nonspherical gravity sources NASSP

    You definitely have this enabled. The rtcc and agc are expected nonspherical orbit perturbations when they propagate the vessel state vectors. Which part of the docking are you having trouble with? If you're within a few miles or so the results should be almost unnoticeable, relatively to each...
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    OHM Vostok v1.1 (for external graphic clients)

    I think the English labels are a great idea. I will definitely try both in the new version.
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    CSM VC Center Couch

    There is a click spot on the CDR's left armrest behind the THC.
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    Project V8 Release Work Thread

    Well, we just merged my big upgrade to the fuel cell code today, so I owe you guys a post with a writeup and some pretty graphs :). A little background info. The Apollo CSM is powered by 3 bacon-type fuel cells (alkaline cells), which produce energy in the form of electrical current by the...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    This something I'm might be interested in using eventually for NASSP optics, but I have no idea how to do the implementation.
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    Waste water production/ tank size

    I should have an update to fuel cells eventually, based on Faraday's 2nd law of electrolysis. (Amp hours = x mols of H2/O2) I think we have fairly accurate load levels in the csm right now, but if particular systems were powered off during the mission, that can effect reactant consumption and...