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  1. hedzup456

    Question Docking curiosity

    Hello all, it's Hedzup asking a probably stupid series of questions. How does the Space Shuttle's docking system work? Is it Docking or Berthing? How would the DeltaGliders' docking system work? Before someone says it, I have had a look at Wikipedia but don't understand what it is saying...
  2. hedzup456

    Question [C++ Noob Question] Can someone check my code?

    Hey all, I've just started learning C++, and have made a program which has no issue when using system("PAUSE");. However, I have seen that system("pause") is frowned apon-security backdoors, ect. So I changed from system("pause") to std::cin.get();, and it now does not work. Could someone please...
  3. hedzup456

    Hardware Orbiter doesnt work on my dual screen computer?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any tips for getting orbiter to work on my dual screen computer? running windows seven, I have found that when i try to run a scenario the rapidly scrolling text loads on the secondary monitor, and the primary one shows a plain white screen. After about...
  4. hedzup456

    IRL Airlocks?

    Hey all-I was wondering, is there any way to link up an IN GAME airlock position to a real life one? If it is possible, that is the way im getting in and out of my not-yet-existent-simpit. So, any ideas, post them.... Below \/ \/ \/ Thanks in advance! ~Hedz
  5. hedzup456

    Hi Everybody!

    Hi everyone... Im Hedzup456, an Orbiter newbie.. But loving the game! If anyone has any tips, let me know.. But anyway.. Hi!:hello: ~Hedz