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    Advanced Question GPC or equiv for v. 2016?

    Hi, For shuttle landings, did the folks who made GPC MFD for 2010 upgrade it for 2016? I looked online but couldn't find it. If not, is there a new equivalent? Mostly I want OPS3 -- which gives energy and alt for the shuttle as it lands. Thanks again! --PDN
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    Programming Question Atlantis Launch program

    Hi, In v. 2010, I loved getting into Atlantis, pulling up a TERM, using the INP button to enter " run('atlantis/launch') " and a couple of other things, and then watching the autopilot get me into orbit. In v. 2016, I was surprised to find that these commands still work! However, watching...
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    Total # of Orbiter downloads (from inception)?

    Hi, Anyone know what the total number of Orbiter downloads is? (From the inception of the software) I noticed something like 17,000 "orbinauts" registered on this forum... Wondering if # of downloads of actual software significantly higher. TY
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    General Question Quicksave files from 2010 --> 2016?

    Hi, Do quicksave files (*.scn I think) from Orbiter 2010 work in 2016 version? Thanks!
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    Advanced Question Fuel: 3D panel cockpit view Space Shuttle? And more...

    Hi, (I'm still running Orbiter 2010. :-) ) So I am flying the Space Shuttle in 3D cockpit view (F8). I know in 2D view, you can see the fuel quantity in the "engine info display" screen. Is there a way to see fuel quantity staying inside the cockpit? A key command? A custom MFD? If I...
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    NASSP -- help with +Xsc item

    Hi, I'm laboring mightily on each step of the checklist. I've gotten up to: Mnvr to place +Xsc in orb plane (0° yaw) (Apollo 7 checklist [Excel version], ORDEAL Init, Line 14) (about 39 minutes into the mission) I don't know how to do this. Please assist. Thanks! --PDN
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    Unstable ISS orbit?

    Hi, ISS orbit was totally regular and stable. I added a bunch of addons. Now in Orbit MFD graphic, yellow solid and open circles move randomly. And ApA and PeA change. Makes it tough to sync up... What happened? Thanks! --PDN
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    General Question AMSO: Disable ATC communications?

    Hi, In AMSO Apollo add-on, is there any way to disable the communications? (Ship to ground and vise versa) They interfere with time advance. A real pain in the butt. Thanks! --PDN
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    Advanced Question TerminalMFD INP command to kill all thrusters?

    Hi, I use the TerminalMFD launch shuttle algorithm to launch the shuttle into orbit. While the shuttle is thrusting, I generally need to yaw a bit to stay on course. I've noticed if I am in the middle of a yaw (or if yaw thrusters are firing to get back to the preset azimuth) when the...
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    Problem Nav2 failing at ISS...

    Hi, After many tries, I finally got the Space Shuttle to the ISS with fuel to spare! Nav1 worked fine. When I tune to Nav2 (137.40) I get "no signal." Ditto for the other channels (*.30, *.20, *.10) Any thoughts? I'm using v. 100830 and the Atlantis "Launch into Sunrise" scenario...
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    Flight Question Move Atlantis backward?

    Hi, I can't see how to move the Shuttle Atlantis backward. In the DG, you open the retro doors, and hit the minus sign (on the numeric keypad). Any thoughts? --Prahas