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    News Belarus 2020

    of course not, they all died.
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    Poll Which forum skin do you use?

    Nothing I know off, it was just a general point. Akin to fix the walls before you paint them.
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    Poll Which forum skin do you use?

    As much as I want the Apollo theme back, right now we got a dark and a light theme, that is good enough for now. Other, especially broken, features on the site are higher priority imo.
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    Important Orbiter Forum Migration to XenForo

    Everything seems to be working in roughly the same vein as the vB forum, I even got 3 participation trophies on login :D. If we could get the Apollo theme ported over at some point that would be grand.
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    Important Orbiter Forum Migration to XenForo

    Point 6 is not a reason to change the system if everything else works. By all means if the actual underlying structure needs changing do it but change for aesthetic purposes is in my experience a waste of everyones time.
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    News Technic Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey cancelled?

    I seem to recall having a Castle with a full set of Knights back in the last millennium. As well as numerous yearly catalogues with American West Cavalry sets as well as Pirates and Navy sets. Am I to take from this that bashing other people over the head with a metal stick is OK while a...
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    New Release Project Mercury X for Orbiter 2016

    Slight missunderstanding, calling all three Project Mercury may have not been a great idea :), I meant the original Mercury for orbiter. That looked like this Some spotlights etc, in my mind it had some grain texture too but it's been ages since it worked so I'll put it down to my faulty memory.
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    New Release Project Mercury X for Orbiter 2016

    It's very similar to the original Project Mercury's "cockpit" back in the day. That worked quite well back in the day. I'd put some texture on the backgrounds though. Gives it a bit more realistic look, less comic book.
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    Near Earth Black Hole found

    Me too, I just gave the numbers so nobody had to ask. As you say the problem is that we dont have any mechanism such a small hole can from apart from decaying to the size, if they do. Even then I dont know if the timescale matches up with the age of the universe.
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    Near Earth Black Hole found

    Depends on its size, lately I've seen speculation that Batygins planet 9 may be a tiny black hole. The hypothetical planet should be out at 600AU with 5 to 10 Earth masses, that would be a hole in the cm size region.
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    News 2020 Formula 1 Grand Prix.

    Latest news is a start in Austria at the initially planned date, maybe a second race on Wednesday after. Local politicians are keen on that, have been even before they started lessening the lockdown measures here. I'd take it with a grain of salt and see how the case numbers evolve. At least...
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    New Release Project Mercury X for Orbiter 2016

    Been ages since I've been on Orbiterhangar, so it's the first time I've seen the redesigned interface. But shouldn't the version numbers for the 2010 and the 2016 download differ? They both refer to the 2016 version.
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    New Release Project Mercury X for Orbiter 2016

    Three bugs I encountered with v1.2 1) I have disappearing chutes. Whenever I deploy them they are there, a quick look through the periscope (F8) and back will make the mesh vanish. Functionally they are still there. 2) My periscope misses the black border shown in the screenshots. Gradiations...
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    First rule of F1 (any racing really), the way to make a fortune racing cars is to start with a huge fortune. That is to say, FOM makes money everyone else looses it.
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    LE MANS ‘66 | OFFICIAL TRAILER #2 | 2019

    Love me a good time travel movie
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    Updates ISS UPDATES

    I still dont know if the spacewalk was successful or not, despite the EVA being reported on every newssite I've been to.
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    Internet Any Way to Find Youtube Videos Related to My Subscriptions?

    Talk to people not algorithms. I have the same problem with the suggestions, it's just abysmal what I get suggested these days. The best you can do in my experience is watch 30 odd videos of one channel, that usually primes the algorithm somewhat. Still browsing the the custom what are you...
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    Italian Grand Prix Monza, 6-8 September

    That's my point exactly, you dont go out there if there is no surface to run on. Then you dont need a sausage kerb that launches the car. At worst you get a Warrick type incident.
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    Italian Grand Prix Monza, 6-8 September

    ...and that's why you put gravel at the exit of corners.
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    Project Fictional Mars from Prof. Shanku's Diary

    How have I never heard of this series? Sounds very much like mid century SciFi. Anything on the web to get a taste?