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    Problem NASSP Sextant window is grey

    I'm currently trying to fly the Apollo 7 mission with the NASSP mod. I'm at the first alignment manoeuvre after the launch (T+1:50:00). After screwing up the first try I went back and reloaded a quicksave but both sextant (panel D1,2) windows just show a grey circle with the yellow crosshairs. I...
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    Problem Orbiter.exe keeps running after exit

    I´m using orbiter_ng with the D9D client v44 and Orbiter keeps running occasionally after I exit the launchpad. It only shows up under the process tab in the task manager. Is their a way to prevent this or to make sure Orbiter is terminated once I close the launch pad?
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    Problem UMMU display missing with Dx9RC39

    Using the Dx9 client the I´ve got no information using the UMMU addon. It shows neither the oxygen level bar on top nor the help file when I press H. I´m using the UMMU which came with UCGO4.0
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    General Question What do the these exes do?

    The one in the Utils folder in the main orbiter directory. I have a idea what Date, dxtex and pltex do. But what about the other 2(CABARC & EXTRACT)
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    General Question What are .tex files?

    Title says it all what are they for?
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    Installation Getting Orbiter2010P1 to run

    So I finally got around to play around with Orb2010 today and as it turns out its not really working for me. I not even looked through the options and just fired up the DG at Brigthon scenario. Can´t even load that one with out crashing. Others do load but as soon as I want to jump into cockpit...
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    Orbiter 2010 couple of questions

    Firstoff thanks for the new Orbiter version I had my fun discovering new stuff in it right now:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:. The thing I like to know rigth now is where to get the ng version clients and how to get them working. Also what stuff I can transfer from my old O06 (solf.cfg,plantes...
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    Shuttle Fleet Newest version?

    Hi there Which is the newest version of the Shuttle Fleet addon. I wouldn´t ask, but the search gives me some 140 threads.:(
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    Strange DG4 panels

    The panels on my DG4 have a strange issue lately there is a white square on top of it about as high as the 3rd MFD on the rigth side. The same goes for the upper panel left and rigth where the panel goes upwards next to the clock and the gear buttons. I know that these areas should be see...
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    General Question Max MFD limit

    Is there something like a max MFD limit in orbiter? Cause I installed a new one today and it doesnt show up in game though its activated in the launch pad proberly
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    My Orbiter acts strange

    Well having dl´ed various addons and wanted to try them. But the planes which are sitting on the landing strip on the scenario start sink into the ground when starting the engines. Also the horizon changes when unpausing. The strange thing is the addons are mostly for the newest orbiter...