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    News 60th anniversary of Gagarin's flight and 40th anniversary of STS-1

    On this day, 60 years ago, Yuri Gagarin flew to space with his Vostok 1 spacecraft. After completing one orbit, he became the first man to go to space. Today is the 60th anniversary of his daring flight, and Russia is proud of him. There are several places named after Yuri Gagarin. Quoting...
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    Flying round the airport to slow down the aircraft?

    I have a very little experience in aircraft flights (I flew in aircraft only thrice in real life), and I want to slow down my Delta Glider to land on a runway in Orbiter. I am used to reduce the throttle to slow down the Glider, but my father said that I should fly round the airport to slow down...
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    OHM Dynamic Orbiter Sound by Abdullah Radwan

    Author: @Abdullah Radwan Dynamic Orbiter Sound is a dynamic wrapper for Orbiter Sound. It allows dynamically built vessels to use Orbiter Sound without having to build statically against Orbiter Sound. Orbiter Sound must be installed before using it. DOWNLOAD ADD-ON
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    OHM MMU Spacesuit by raftdood64

    Author: @raftdood64 I wanted a MMU that I could use on the ground in Orbiter so I made this. It uses the default mmu textures and mesh. Put the cfg file in Config/vessels and the ini file in Config/Spacecraft folder. DOWNLOAD ADD-ON
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    Astronomy versus the internet

    Since there was a debate on whether Starlink or OneWeb will ruin astronomy on the Planetary Internet: SpaceX vs OneWeb thread, I want to start a poll here. Which one is best? Astronomy or the internet? Feel free to discuss about this matter here. The former thread is preserved for whose internet...
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    News WhatsApp is about to ruin our privacy

    Since January 2021, WhatsApp is giving us the following notification to agree: This means that WhatsApp has begun to collect personal data from us, therefore ruining our privacy. Several entrepreneurs, including Elon Musk, have advocated leaving WhatsApp abandoned in favour of the alternatives...
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    Textures Logo replacement add-ons

    I have decided to create logo replacement add-ons for Orbiter since the basic installation has outdated logos. Available add-ons none Add-ons in approval ESA logo replacement NASDA logo replacement NASA logo replacement Add-ons that will be developed none
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    Resolved Add-ons from OHM alpha are undownloadable

    When I try to download add-ons from OHM alpha, I found that the process goes slowly (from few thousand bytes to few kBs per second) and pauses for several seconds. I thought it was a network issue, but found that a NASA book called Mir Hardware Heritage is downloaded quickly without any pause...
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    Request Boeing Starliner missions

    Can someone recreate Boeing Starliner missions in Orbiter 2010 and (if possible) 2016? Thanks. Required add-ons: CST-100 WIP DDS textures
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    Discussion Astra (aerospace company)

    A startup company called Astra is trying to launch a rocket into orbit. The rocket is called Rocket 3 and its launch site is situated at Kodiak Island, Alaska. The company was founded in 2016 by Adam London, Chris Kemp, and former employees of SpaceX. Chris Kemp is an IT executive of NASA...
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    Request Remove the broken website of Orbiter Beta

    @Xyon, can you please remove the "Orbiter BETA" section from the following image? The website linked by the section don't work.
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    Request Long March rockets

    I wanna have Long March rockets to simulate Chinese missions, including the secret Chongfu Shiyong Shiyan Hangtian Qi (choong-foo-shee-yoong-shee-yen-hang-tien-chee).
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    Request Suppress the browse function and improve the search function

    When I joined this forum in August 2018, the OHM search function had various ways to search an add-on. Currently, only the search by add-on and category (via browse function) is available. I want the nostalgic search function back with further improvements. I also want to suppress the browse...
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    Orbiter: Recommended add-ons (scrubbed)

    After the XenForo migration of Orbiter, the recommended add-ons page linked by Tex at here is gone. Therefore, I am newly constructing the page with the addition of new add-ons and Orbiter 2016. Obsolete add-ons (relative to the respective Orbiter versions) are removed unless there are no stable...
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    Resolved Storing more than one file in one post

    I want this thing in OHM without having to store them in one folder or in a storage cloud seperately. The former method would require more time to download, and the latter would cause some problems when downloading. Edit: I see that it is already implemented. Thank you!
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    Gaming NASA Science Investigations (Android games)

    Hello everyone! Happy independence day to India! I noticed that the Orbiter Forum is migrated to XenoForo, which gives the forum a new look! Meanwhile, I was playing two Android games by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), both of them are collectively called NASA Science...
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    Unusual given names

    SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently has a new baby, whose name is "X Æ A-12" (pronounced eks-ash-ay-twelv), even though he is not legally named as such. Feel free to discuss about the unusual names like this.
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    Error MIR-2 Revived is vanished from existence!

    I want to download the "MIR-2 Revived" add-on but it is no longer found. Please help me! Edit: I found this add-on again!
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    News India's Great Depression

    Similar to the Great Depression of 1929 (imaged), India's Stock Market is crashed today due to the epidemic of coronavirus! OMG, we are in a brink of poverty! Feel free to discuss about this.
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    Launch News SpaceX Starlink 4 Mission

    Mission replay Outcome: Successful Booster landing: Failed Payload: 60 Starlink satellites Orbit: Low Earth