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  1. pegasusairandspace

    OHM Black Arrow

    This is exceptionally dated now, but I found that downloading the R-7 packages seemed to work for some reason. I did notice a stage 2 in there. I think that somehow fixes it.
  2. pegasusairandspace

    MapMFD Switching back from legacy to the new version of the MFD

    Hey there. I know this is a rather old post but I had this problem recently and there was no other reference to this. I found that the line appears to vanish, but is in fact moved to 'Logical parameters'. Simply remove the line altogether, open Orbiter but to be sure, don't fly anything. While...
  3. pegasusairandspace

    OHM Black Arrow

    Where is Stage 2.dll? I find that during stage 2 sep, the sim crashes, why?