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  1. fireballs619

    Long time no see!

    Hi all, some of you might remember me from ages ago but I decided to pop back in and actually post. I was active here circa 2010 when I was in middle school, but I slowly fell away from Orbiter when I got to high school and beyond. This forum and community had a surprisingly large impact on my...
  2. fireballs619

    Orbiter gets a little mention in xkcd

    Take a look at the mouseover text on today's xkcd. I thought that was a nice little reference to the sim!
  3. fireballs619

    Poll How many languages do you speak?

    I've recently become very interested in language and linguistics, so I thought I would make a thread here to discuss it. I only fluently speak English, although I am getting there with my Spanish (not quite conversationally fluent though, at least orally). I am also working on my French, but I...
  4. fireballs619

    [ESP] ¿Otros foros del espacio o la cienca?

    Hola todos Primero, mi espanol no está muy bueno, entonces espero que uds perdonen los errorés en mi mensaje :thumbup: Yo buscaba para otros foros del espacio o la cienca porque quiero practicar mi espanol en éstos. Yo encontré el foro "Astroseti", pero me gustaría que me digan sobre otros...
  5. fireballs619

    Buying new eyepieces, need advice

    I currently have two eyepieces to go with my Celestron Nexstar 130Slt (f/5), a 9 mm and a 25 mm. They provide decent viewing opportunities, but I'm thinking about buying some extra eyepieces to expand what I view. I really don't know much about eyepieces, so I'm a bit lost as to where I should...
  6. fireballs619

    News Tyson to host sequel to Sagan's "Cosmos"

    In case you all haven't heard: I can't be the only one is excited! Wired Hypervocal
  7. fireballs619

    Smallest theoretical rocket?

    Just a question I had, and I thought I would ask. What is the absolute smallest theoretical rocket that would be able to achieve an orbit? And what factors contribute to this limit? What setup for this 'smallest' rocket be to send a pea-sized payload to orbit? Some of the things I thought of...
  8. fireballs619

    New Saitek Cessna Yoke/Trim/Rudder pedals

    Via Engadget: The Yoke: The Trim Wheel: The Pedals: Also, not new, but comes with the set if you buy them, The Switch Panel: It's pretty expensive for everything, but it sure looks nice!
  9. fireballs619

    Letter to Congress about JWST

    As you all may know, the vote to save or cancel the James Webb Space Telescope is coming up in the US HoR. I came across this open letter to congress about the telescope. The OP there gave permission for others to use it as well, and, since it is indeed very well written, I went ahead and...
  10. fireballs619

    Viewing with little light pollution?

    Hey all, I have the opportunity to take my scope out to an area with extremely little to no light pollution. What are some tips on things to view? I mean, what sights should I look at to fully take advantage of the lack of light (or, what can be seen there that cannot be viewed from an area with...
  11. fireballs619

    LaTeX Cheatsheet/guide

    I decided to make a LaTeX quick reference and guide for those of us who include math in our posts. It isn't too detailed, but should suffice if all you use LaTeX for is posts on Orbiter-Forum. Along with this, I would like to link to Detexify, which is an amazing resource for using LaTeX. Enjoy!
  12. fireballs619

    Math Help with a trigonometry function

    Whilst doing a Geometry problem, I formed this function which inputs angle X and outputs angle Y. I currently have it written as follows; f(x)=\arcsin{\frac{\cos{2x}-\sin{2x}}{\sqrt{2}}} X|Y 5|35 10|25 15|15 20|5 25|5 30|15 35|25 40|35 45|45 The plot of this graph looks like this. Having...
  13. fireballs619

    365 days of Astronomy (2011)

    I came across this a few days ago, and I just thought that I would alert you all, since it seems like something that you'd enjoy doing. I'd be willing to partner with someone if you decide to record a podcast, although I'm not terribly knowledgeable in astronomy.
  14. fireballs619

    Proud new owner of a Celestron Nexstar 130SLT

    My new toy here came in the mail today, and I got it all assembled pretty shortly after that :). Unfortunately, it's cloudy out tonight (and, by the look of it, tomorrow too), so I'm not going to get a chance to give it a spin until Thursday at least :thumbsdown: In any case, I can't express...
  15. fireballs619

    Question With whom would you eat dinner?

    Assume for a moment that the Probe has granted you the ability to have a nice dinner with any three historical figures, living or dead. The only restriction is that they cannot be fictional. Who would you choose and why? For me, I think my guests would look something like this; 1. William...
  16. fireballs619

    Math Mathematics as a language?

    The concept of mathematics as a language is somewhat familiar to me, as I am sure it is to most of you. I recently engaged in a debate with my English teacher, who laughed when I listed mathematics as a language that we knew of. Usually, I would not have pressed the subject further, but this was...
  17. fireballs619

    Orbiter Wiki Cleanup

    Hey All! Lately, I have been thinking of cleaning up the Orbiter Wiki, as to make it a much more reliable and easy to use source for information about Orbiter. Wiki-format sites have much potential to be an essential resource. I have a loose plan that I would like to follow, but this is open to...
  18. fireballs619

    The Lament of a Modern Explorer

    I had to write a piece for my English class, and I thought I'd share. It had to be around 800 words, and this pulls in at 757. Feel free to critique.
  19. fireballs619

    Flight Question AMSO/Apollo procedure help

    I've been having a little trouble flying AMSO realistically, as in following actual Apollo trajectories and procedures. The main problem is that I can't find the information needed to accurately recreate the Apollo flights. Is there any place that has the checklists/flight plans for the Apollo...
  20. fireballs619

    News STEREO satellites show the whole sun

    Apparently, NASA's two STEREO satellites moved into place today, so we're getting the first images of the entire sun at once. Basically, the two satellites photograph a side of the sun, and then the two Images are combined. That's good news I guess. I mean, who wants to get hit by a sneaky flare...