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  1. Pinguinboy

    Problem Space Shuttle Fleet 4.8 Columbia docking point without docking node?

    As I've seen in some scenarios including the Columbia from David413's Space Shuttle Fleet 4.8, and seen in the Scenario Editor, it seems that the Columbia can dock to other vessels/module without being equipped with a docking node. Is this a bug, or is this implented for in the next release(s)?
  2. Pinguinboy

    General Question .tex to .dds or anything except .tex

    Does someone know how to convert .tex files to other files like .dds?
  3. Pinguinboy

    Crossed planet rings

    Hi. For some time, I see planets with double rings, crossed like and X in some Artist's Impressions about space. My question: is this possible? Because the rings of a planetoid move at the same line with the planet's equator.
  4. Pinguinboy

    Creating a new Orbiter spaceflight organisation

    Hello to my first blog! I long time ago I already wanted to make a new spaceflight organisation, before that, I shared info and drawings with a friend who also had an organisation in mind. So for then, I made a repaint for the Atlantis, with the Dutch flag on it and the letters HAEA (Houtermans...
  5. Pinguinboy

    Science Do you believe in Panspermia?

    Panspermia: Panspermia is the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by meteoroids, asteroids, and planetoids. Well, I do believe a bit in it (no, I didn't watch too much Star Trek), because why should we be the only (unique) lifeform?
  6. Pinguinboy

    Programming Question Making a module-file for a spacecraft

    Hello, I was wondering how to make a module-file for a spacecraft that you can't select from the scenario-editor. Well, I searched on Orbiter Hangar, but I found no tutorials for it. So, does someone know how to make these module-files for a spacecraft? P.S: Sorry if there was already a thread...
  7. Pinguinboy


    Hello everyone, I download things for Orbiter like the others here, but with some downloads, i get a problem. Some missions from that spacecraft doesn't work, they crashed back to the desktop. Then, i look into the Orbiter log, and there is a warning, because the is missing, who...
  8. Pinguinboy

    Armageddon Mir space station

    Hi! in the movie ''Armageddon'' you see a modificated Mir space station, but now i have de X-71 from the movie, but not the space station, maybe is this an idea? picture from Armageddon space station: