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  1. goaowonk

    What if...

    Last week, while I was thinking about parallel universes, I had an idea: how would it be if Gravitational Forces were inversely proportional to r^x when x is not 2? I mean: when else than Fg ~ 1/r^2
  2. goaowonk

    Problem r7_S\ missing texture

    I recently installed Soyuz_FG(U)_v1.2_25.10.10 and all the required addons listed in the documentations (ISS_v3.2_07.09.10, Baikonur2010_SurfaceTiles_v1.0(101011) and Proton_LV_R2.2_01.09.10). Great addons, everything works fine except when I end simulation: Orbiter crashes and orbiter.log says...
  3. goaowonk

    General Question What is/how to attach.

    I've returned to Orbiter after some months, and I decided I wanted to do more stuff than launching Deltagliders to the ISS. So I investigated for a while and decided to use the Space Station Building Blocks. Well, problems started when I realized that there are two ways of having some vessels...
  4. goaowonk

    Flight Question Specific Impulse of DGIV

    I've been looking for the Delta Glider IV's engines Isp, and I havn't found it anywhere, only for the default DG (4·10^4s). Well, I could estimate it by calculating delta-v and delta-mass, but I'm sure that's a very unprecise way. So, does anyone have it?