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  1. Nistenf

    Humble Indie Bundle

    Hello everybody. I don't know how many of you heard of it, but the Humble Indie Bundle is a bundle of five indie games that you can buy paying whatever you want (even $0.01, not very nice to do that though), no DRM, reedemable on Steam and Desura. I've had an extra bundle but I gave it away on...
  2. Nistenf

    Flight Question Calculating Windows

    Hello! My question is: how do I calculate windows for traveling to different planets, for doing slingshots, etc? Right now went I want to go to ie Mars I use a date I already know there's a window. Thanks!
  3. Nistenf

    Spacecraft Realistic Mars Mission?

    So I'm looking for a realistic manned Mars mission add-on. What I mean by realistic is that is relatively plausible with current technology. I've looked at OH and found this and this so I'm gonna try them. Are there any other add-on like that?
  4. Nistenf

    Problem Playback time warp problem

    I downloaded the IMFD full manual from OH, and decided to play the Earth to Mars playback. Everything is working good until the point that the playback time warps till the launch date. Orbiter freezes for a few seconds and when it resumes working it jumped in time way ahead of what I should...
  5. Nistenf

    Flight Question Towing modules

    Hello. I'm building a little station using the Mir2 modules by kulch. So I put in orbit the Tranzit tug (a vessel that's made to be used to bring modules to the station), and a Solaris module. So I went and docked the Tranzit to the Solaris and then the problem arose. It's really difficult to...
  6. Nistenf

    General Question Visual Studio 2010

    I just got VS1010 Professional from the Microsoft Dreamspark program, but when I open the Atlantis solution file from the skd folder, VS tells me that the solution and its projects need converting. I click OK but some files fail to be converted. Can this be solved, or should I use an older...
  7. Nistenf

    Problem XR2 Override Config problem

    Hello. I wanted to do some interplanetary flights on the XR2, so I copied the Wideawake International scenario with the XR2 on the runway and decided to override the config parameters for the XR2 to have enough fuel and LOX to do interplanetary travel. So I overrid the LOX consuption rate and...
  8. Nistenf

    Question Base and Space Station building

    I've been playing Orbiter since the 2005 version I believe, and recently came back to it, been on the forum from a long time, but never posted. So yesterday I created an Arrow in Orbit, then with and XR2 I sent some UCGO base modules to it, then went to the Moon and deployed the base (I still...