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  1. Dickie

    Question Which software ecosystem do you use?

    So, here's a random question. Over the years I've ended up with my data, files etc across several ecosystems such as photos in Google photos, general stuff in Dropbox and notes in Evernote. I've also ended up with a OneDrive account as I use MS Office. I'm debating just throwing my lot in with...
  2. Dickie

    Netflix Challenger documentary

    Just finished watching “Challenger: the final flight”on Netflix, some interesting interviews and worth a watch. Even SWMBO found it interesting...!
  3. Dickie

    Any Canadians here...?

    As the title says! I have a couple of questions about a trip to Vancouver and was hoping to find someone with a bit of local knowledge if possible?
  4. Dickie

    Creating a specific graph in Excel 2016

    As part of my degree I'm doing a question which requires me to plot radial strain and hoop strain against the radial position of where the measurements were taken. I have the data in a spreadsheet in Excel 2016 (attached) and so am trying to plot row 25 (mean strain, separated into columns of H...
  5. Dickie

    Reith lectures

    I heard it mentioned on the radio this morning that the BBC's 2016 Reith Lectures will be broadcast today at 0900GMT on BBC Radio 4 and available afterwards as a podcast or through iPlayer. This years speaker is Stephen Hawking and the topic is black holes so thought it was worth mentioning...
  6. Dickie

    Rant The internet used to be good.

    Sorry, please bear with me. Here goes: Does anyone else feel the web has gone downhill in the past decade? I don't mean advances in bandwidth or the potential quality of website design available, but I distinctly remember in the late 1990s/early 2000s how the web seemed to be a vast collective...
  7. Dickie

    News NASA unveils rover prototype fit for exploring icy Europa moon

    Article from RT: Interesting, don't understand why they haven't gone for a more conventional ROV design rather than using wheels though?
  8. Dickie

    Science Museum Soviet space program exhibition

    Came across this earlier and thought it may be of interest to other UK based Orbinauts: Opens in September, £14 entry.
  9. Dickie

    Question O-F Fantasy F1 League?

    I stumbled across this the other day: I thought I'd give it a go for bit of fun with 3 races left to go and wondered if anybody else here played or was interested, with a view to getting an O-F league going for the remainder of this season and starting again with...
  10. Dickie

    News US is not building a Death Star Spoil sports! Reckon they'd consider an XR2 project instead...?
  11. Dickie

    An Orbinaut's brewery?

    Saw this whilst on holiday in the Lake District over New Year and couldn't resist posting it here - does an Orbinaut own a brewery up there? :cheers:
  12. Dickie

    Wallander films

    I was wondering if anybody here was into the Wallander films with Rolf Lassgard and might be able to help me track them down. Basically, I caught 2 episodes when they were broadcast in the UK with English subtitles on BBC4 a while back but can't seem to find them to download/buy on DVD (aside...
  13. Dickie

    Orbiter-Forum iPhone shortcut

    After wanting an actual icon for my OF shortcut on my iPhone, I found this website and created a new shortcut with a proper icon: I just thought it might be useful to any other iPhone-using-Orbinauts out there! If you are unsure how to add it to...
  14. Dickie

    Humor BBC's 'Cabin Pressure' It's been around for a while (I've only just noticed it myself) but I thought other aviation-nuts on here might appreciate it as well! :cheers:
  15. Dickie

    Gaming FS2004 KSC?

    I know this isn't an FS forum but figured there's a decent chance someone here might have looked for the same thing. Basically, I'm trying to find a freeware KSC/Cape Canaveral/Shuttle Landing Facility scenery for FS2004, but can't find one (or even a payware) anywhere. Surely there must be one...
  16. Dickie

    BBC - Wonders of the Solar System

    Not sure if anyone is aware of this already but there's a new series starting on BBC 2 at 2100 tonight called 'Wonders of the Solar System' - looks fairly interesting!
  17. Dickie

    Dr Zooch shuttle kit

    I bought this kit a while ago and am nearing completion - I was wondering if anyone here has built one? Reason I'm asking is I'm not entirely convinced the shuttle-glider part will actually detach when required as it seems to attach itself in such a way as to require a lot of force to separate...
  18. Dickie

    Science Aircraft Systems Engineering lectures

    Whilst having a look through Academic Earth for new courses this morning I came across the following: It's all the lectures from an Aircraft Systems Engineering course at MIT, which I thought in itself might be of interest to some...
  19. Dickie

    Gaming FS2004 pressure settings

    Firstly, I know this isn't a Microsoft Flight Sim forum, however I understand some users here do also use Microsoft Flight Sim and it saves me joining a whole new forum for one question! Basically, when it comes to flight sims on the PC I've always used X-Plane, however recently I've picked up...
  20. Dickie

    Ex-Soviet space warship cruises?! Sounds pretty neat tbh, added to the fact I'd never heard of the armed-Salyuts before - interesting indeed!