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    Error Crashing when loading a scenario

    I have a scenario for the ISS AtoZ and the other ISS mod where you control the SpaceX Dragon while it is approaching the ISS and for some reason it is crashing when I load the scenario? It worked yesterday. Here's the log and scenario: BEGIN_DESC Dragon spacecraft approaching ISS to grapple...
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    Question Orion Mod

    Is there a good Orion mod for Orbiter 2010? I searched the hangar but I couldn't find a good one that is the current Orion or is updated for 2010. I want to use this spacecraft as a payload for this mod because that's going to launch this December and I would love to simulate the mission.
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    Question Scenario Height

    Hi I am wondering if there is way to control the height off the ground the ship is. I see scenarios where the ship is off the actual ground but I can't figure out how to do that to other ships so its aligned with the launchpad.
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    Bug [SOLVED] Med-res KSC Runway issue

    I am using the Med-res KSC mod and I am having problems with the runway texture. When I load up a scenario its fine, but then when I launch it turns into this weird pixely ground texture. It only does that if I look forward on the runway and if I look from a different view(turn the camera other...
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    Question Mars missions

    Is there any mods that work with Orbiter 2010 that add realistic mars missions. I am looking for mods that add missions like Ares, SpaceX, or Orion. Is there any mods out there that are similar to these? :)
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    Bug White or missing tiles?

    I recently downloaded the Gemini and Mercury addons and I found a download which made Mercury work with 2010. The ships fly great but KSC is messed up? I tried searching for other threads with this topic but there wasn't a clear answer on how to fix this without reinstalling orbiter. Here is a...
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    Request ASMO Saturn-1b

    I was looking on the orbit hangar and I could not find a decent Saturn 1b that worked with ASMO. The velcro ones have no launchpad and I would want just a simple one instead of the helipad. Is there a better one I didn't see?
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    Vessel Space Launch System

    I have been having fun with the ASMO pack and a lot of other mods but I could not find one of the new Space Launch System. Is there a mod of it or is there someone who could make it because that would be awesome.