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    Apollo 11 - Targeting a New Splashdown Site

    I’m interested in simulating entry using the revised (actual) landing coordinates, in light of the weather issues at the original planned coordinates. Any ideas how to do this, using (for example) RTCC MFD? If I’m not mistaken, no DV or other burns were conducted after the decision to move the...
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    CSM VHF Ranging

    Hi Use the latest build (1597), I’m having great difficulty getting the CSM VHF Ranging to work in Apollo 11, just after undocking and DOI. I follow the steps to activate VHF ranging per the Apollo 11 Operations Checklist F10-20, and am running P20 (V87 gets me the tracker light on the DSKY)...
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    Apollo 11 - LM Ejection - Issue/User Error?

    Using the latest beta build, I practised the LM ejection procedures (using both a quicksave scn from previous builds, as well as the stock A11 mission scn no. 05 “Before S-IVB Separation T+3h+15min”). All went well (T&D, pressurisation) until the actual LM ejection. The separation switch does...
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    P11 Saturn Takeover

    Hi again Using the latest modules, I was trying to switch from IU to CMC control, and then to manual control. After launching Apollo 8, I switch LV Guidance switch to CMC, key V46E, and switch to SCS. My control inputs are reflected in movement of the attitude error needles, but the saturn...
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    EMS Interpretation

    1. Having tried a couple of Apollo 8 re-entries, one automatic and the other manual, I find the AGC’s roll commands easy enough to interpret, and accurate enough to get close to the calculated splashdown with manual control. The EMS, however, is less easy to interpret. Having saved the bitmap...
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    Joystick + Keyboard for Control?

    Hi Is it possible to enable the keyboard control of the spacecraft while having the joystick enabled for Project Apollo? I only have a two-axis joystick, and I cannot control yaw unless it is through the keyboard. Same goes for +/- X translation. Alternatively, any tips on how to get a HOTAS...