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  1. mc_

    Request A ship with tilting engines

    This is my second "request" (first was SSTO VTOVL). Still looking for something i'm (and someone else, i hope) missing in Orbiter. More details about this hypothetical vessel: Airframe: - No hover, only tilting main engines and weak RCS. - landing gear - One docking port at the nose (basically...
  2. mc_

    Vessel Aries Space Park update

    Short time ago (probably, after downloading the Manifest) i opened for myself the "Rag Tag Fleet". "Aries Space Park" is my favorite vessel from there (i do love gravity wheels :love:), it is perfect for travelling along the solar system. But there is some things can be improved. Main problem...
  3. mc_

    Request SSTO VTOVL

    IMHO it would be nice to see a reusable SSTO VTOVL (single-stage-to-orbit Vertical Take-Off Vertical Landing) vessel in Orbiter. It's sad we still dont have anything like it (evryone is about DGIV/XR2-style ships for some reason). There are some examples of the design. UMMU and UCGO support...