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  1. raftdood

    OHM Space Plane Eridanus 1.11

    Download link... Is there an alternate download link? Having problems with the one from Orbit Hanger. Thx
  2. raftdood

    OHM Station Plipinas-1

    No docking ports also.
  3. raftdood

    OHM TelTak

    coordinates This is where the pyramids are...
  4. raftdood

    OHM Nearest Systems

    Rwarp note I noticed that for travel to the moon or like within the jupiter system, set the speed of rwarp at 0.1. For solar system between planets travel, set it at 0.999. This stopped it from crashing.
  5. raftdood

    OHM Planetring

    What about attaching a UCGO base with Universal Cargo Deck. Wouldn't it rotate with the mesh? :)
  6. raftdood

    Request Spacecraft from several low budget movies

    Spacecraft from Walt Disney's "The Black Hole" Image from the interior or the spacecraft... The only exterior shot I could find...
  7. raftdood

    Putting a face to the name

    pic I work on aircraft for the US Army and its sensitive so I can't post it here. I could but then I'd have to kill you. And since I'm such a follow though guy, I'd have to eat you as well. lol :lol:
  8. raftdood

    OHM Example for moon of moon (to creating a galaxy)

    It works. I added a moon to my AlphaCentauri system and the orbits are fine. The only problem is still that at its distance, its angular velocity in orbit around the sun will kill any UMmu that eva's. lol :lol: Just realized that I never released AlphaCentauri, I'll get a zip file set up for it...
  9. raftdood

    Project High Velocity Interplanetary Passenger Spacecraft

    Read "A Mote in God's Eye" by Jerry Pournelle & Larry Niven. Has a good section in it on Light Sails.
  10. raftdood

    OHM Pandora

    As I stated it is a "fictional" planet. Look it up. Readme file for Pandora. ********************************** 1) Put the Pandora.cfg, & Pandora Folder in your Config Folder. 2) Put the PandoraA.cfg, & PandoraA Folder in your Config Folder. 3) Put the Pandora.tex, Pandora_cloud.tex...
  11. raftdood

    Tell us about yourself!

    I'm Larry working as an aircraft mechanic in South Korea. Been into Space and astronomy since I was a kid. I used to mess around with MFS until Orbiter came out. Been hooked ever since. Home is Portland Oregon in the US. :speakcool:
  12. raftdood

    OHM CTV-ATV2-Phoenix, Lunar mission

    Mustard's site I'm in Korea and his site must have my internet provider blocked. (Alot of hackers here in Korea). Is there any way someone could post his addons at a mirror site? raftdood :)