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  1. Epsilon

    Project XR4 Nyx (WIP)

    Figured I'd post this since Loru's posted the XR3 thread. Might as well let people eyeball the model and maybe hopefully get some help with it. ;) Note: This vessel is being created with the blessing of dbeachy1 - we're modelling them, he's coding for them. :) Additional trivia: I named this...
  2. Epsilon

    News Shuttle Trainer landing in Seattle - anyone in the area?

    Anyone in Seattle planning on going down tomorrow to see the Shuttle Trainer land at Boeing Field? It won't be open 'til October, apparently, but part of it will be landing tomorrow. It's no space shuttle, but at least we'll be allowed to play in this one. Article...
  3. Epsilon

    Humor Nigerian Astronaut needs YOUR help!

    Shouldn't we help this poor soul out? :rofl:
  4. Epsilon

    The Bacon Roll - my current cooking project. It's currently in the oven, slowly cooking at 225 degrees F. It'll probably be another 2 or 3 hours until it's ready - until then, it's certainly smellin' tasty. Enjoy drooling over it. :woohoo:
  5. Epsilon

    Project Orbiter Datacards - Spaceports

    Yes, this is my new project. We'll see how long -this- one lasts. >_> I've got datacards for KSC, WIA, LBB (Brighton Beach), and ReFuel's Corporate HQ, all in .pdf form. They're designed (much like the one I made for the moons of Jupiter) for printing to a 3x5 index card. Now here's my...
  6. Epsilon

    Paradox Shipyards' Grand Tour Flight

    This is a log of my Grand Tour style journey which is in progress. I did it in the DCIV vessel I made, which is available on OrbitHangar, here. Feel free to comment on what I've got so far - it -is- a mission in progress. :cheers: I'll grant, the times are a bit off - I started the mission from...
  7. Epsilon

    Tutorial Epsilon's basic spaceflight concepts tutorials

    This is a series of tutorials I'm making - a video camera, pen, and paper. :D They cover some very basic concepts in very basic ways - perhaps not accurate, but enough to give some of the truly new people that boot in the rear that'll get 'em up to the next level of spaceflight. These are a work...
  8. Epsilon

    Humor Why we love the IRC channel.

    We should have more people on the IRC channel. *nod self*
  9. Epsilon

    Humor 419 scams ahoy!

    I got this in my inbox, and just had to share it with y'all. So they're pulling a 419 scam using the cover of protecting you against 419 scams. I love it! :rofl: I'd have to say the best line is "...this is 100% Fraud free because it is our right to protect the American Citizens and world at...
  10. Epsilon

    My force vectors disappeared! D:

    So, I'm making a foray into actually building a .dll file - this a necessity because I'm making such a bloody large ship that RCS thrusters at the 1m radius that Vinka's .dll puts them at have to be so strong that they're better than the main engines at moving the beast. I've checked the setting...
  11. Epsilon

    Contra-rotating Sections on a large ship!

    Basically, I have this: The two big "wheels" are the classical rotating sections on a long-haul space ship, to create a sort of 'gravity'. The question is, assuming they're rotating in opposite directions, have the same mass, and rotate at the same speed...
  12. Epsilon

    Powell Glider - looking for opinions!

    I see on Orbithangar that it's been downloaded 21 times. I'm respectfully looking for feedback on the handling of the craft - stuff I can tweak, etc. I've already started planning for a new ship, also based on SC3 (in other words, screwing around with Blender, seeing what shapes come up :P) and...
  13. Epsilon

    Lift/Drag attack point, flipping ships, and other SC3 issues!

    New to the forums, relatively new to Orbiter here, but certainly not new to the world of modding. So here's my issue. Firstly, I can't figure out what, exactly, a lift/drag attack point is, with reference to the orbiter APIs and Spacecraft3.dll - I've been over the API docs as well as the SC3...