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  1. Spacethingy

    News Solar Impulse 2 attempts to cross the Pacific 25 knots. Hope they packed something good to read... Live speed and control surface data from the huge solar-powered craft: SI2 with Bertrand Piccard in the cockpit.
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    Internet Google Code and Gitorious to shut down

    Interesting coincidence that these two announcements happened so close together? Not sure if anyone here uses either of those, just a little FYI if you do...
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    Gaming Flightgear 3.4 released

    Only just noticed, seems like these guys have come on quite a way since 2.x! Sub-orbital experiments are looking rather good too, although nowhere near Orbiter (physics aren't quite there yet either): I'll stick to Orbiter for now; I don't think simulating other planets/moons is on their...
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    News Air Asia flight QZ8501 missing

    Tragically, it appears 2014 has claimed another airliner around Malaysia and Indonesia: Contact was lost around midnight UTC.
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    News NASA posts Soundcloud album Kinda random stuff; everything from Kennedy's speeches and Sputnik's beeps, to songs about lunar water ice. :shifty:
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    CGIAR-CSI data Don't know if this is useful for anything in Orbiter, these guys on the Simutrans forum were using it to make height maps for the game. :cheers:
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    Question A Spaceport for Scotland Apparently, Scotland is a great place for a spaceport, according the the UK government. Now, I am aware of the rather humongous political issues that are probably involved in this, what with the independence vote coming soon; I...
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    The Orbiter-Forum Hypothesis

    So, if, in some cataclysm, all of OF knowledge were to be destroyed, (e.g. after someone activates the hidden red matter in the chatbox...), what would your one sentence passed on to the next generation of Orbinauts be? :lol: I can't think of a serious one, so... "Never forget your nosecone!"
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    Discussion ARCA's flying ocean launch platform

    Romanian Cosmonautics and Aeronautics Association is a Google Lunar X Prize competitor from Romania. They've got an interesting idea for a launch platform - a seaplane carrier ship. Development seems to have stopped at drop-testing the detachable cockpit some time ago, so it may be a while...
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    Flight Question Mars orbit to Moon orbit with IMFD?

    Evenin' everyone, the title says it all - how would I go straight from Mars to the Moon, using IMFD? (Or from any planet to a moon of another planet?) I'm fine going to and from Earth/Mars and Earth/Moon with IMFD, I'm just not sure what procedure I'd do for Mars-Moon. :tiphat:
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    Back with a [supersonic, bone-crunching] bang...

    Ah, Orbiter. It's so nice to see you again... I tend to rotate what games I play, depending on mood. It's not really organised; I just find myself playing loads of something and then stopping. Last month, Simutrans, the month prior to that, GeneRally and Toca2 Touring Cars (yeah, I'm a...
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    Orbiterwiki error on editing

    Hey guys, I was trying to add the temporary IP info to the Orbiter-forum page and I just can't seem to get the page to accept my edits - either logged in or registered. The problem seems to be with the spam-catcher, sometimes it just returns me to the edit page, others it just gives an error...
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    Nuclear Fusion Produces And Spends Equal Energy For The First Time Can't seem to find any other links at the moment, sounds good though. Slow but sure progress towards fusion being useful for something, although I have a feeling hoverboards may be invented first at this rate... :lol:
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    One of the solar system's biggest volcanoes discovered

    ...right under our noses, so it seems! Introducing the Tamu Massif, the biggest terrestrial (ex-)volcano, at 4,400m/14,400ft. Slightly worryingly only defined as "inactive"... :lol: Tamu Massif - Wikipedia, the free...
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    Shirtsleeves on Mars?

    Now, please excuse me if this is silly, but... :) Summer temperatures on Mars can get up to a reasonably warm/hot 20'C. On some of these max temperature days, could an astronaut actually survive outside a base with no protection other than an O2 tank and some warm clothing? Or would the very...
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    So long, college, and thank you for all the... Fish?

    Well. Here I am. Walking out of college for the last time. Feels weird. Feels... Well, I'm going to be honest here, if I wasn't so mentally smashed*, I'd probably write some poetic piece about life, education and the great progress of life. Heck, I might even include some Shakespeare. As it...
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    Internet AutoHotkey thread So, I just found this little gem on investigating what "AHK" meant in DropboxAHK... :lol: I've had fun for the past several hours trying to master using a joystick as a mouse! It's mighty hard actually... So, have any of you guys found any interesting/fun/mad uses...
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    Question Interesting markings on Black Arrow

    This may be the wrong forum, sorry if it is... Just had an awesome day at the Science Museum in London, it's amazing seeing famous stuff like Stephenson's rocket, Spitfires, V2s (boy those things were big)... Anyway, they've got the last Black Arrow rocket there, and I spotted something rather...
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    OSC Spring 2012 Voting Thread

    Orbiter Screenshot Contest Spring 2012 - Voting Well, a slightly smaller playing field this time, nonetheless the shots are still great, all under the theme of Resourcefulness. In no particular order, here are the entrants: I'll give a week for voting: Time left: 2012-03-26 21:00;%d% Days %hh%...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Contest Spring 2012

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... The Orbiter Screenshot Contest Spring 2012 Here we go again... :lol: The theme for this time is "Resourcefulness", something shown in both the spaceflight of the real world and of Orbinauts! This time, submission is DIFFERENT - please don't post your...