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  1. Samuel Edwards

    Problem VC MFD HiRes Texture Size Rendering Poorly

    Hello, I am having an issue with the font rendering in virtual cockpits when using the 1024x1024 texture resolution setting in Orbiter 2016's MFD parameter configuration menu under the extra tab in the Orbiter launchpad. I have provided my Orbiter.log and D3D9Client.cfg in the event they are...
  2. Samuel Edwards

    RIP Tom Petty The legendary Tom Petty has passed away. Rest in peace, Tom. You made it through the hardest part... UPDATE:
  3. Samuel Edwards

    Gaming Cold Waters: The Cold War Just Got Colder

    Heya guys, I know some of you have expressed some desire to play submarine games, and multiple users have reflected on their time in the Silent Hunter series. A new Cold War submarine game pulled out of dry dock today. Perhaps in the spirit of Dangerous Waters, this game gives priority to a...
  4. Samuel Edwards

    Gaming Xplane: Accuracy of Simulation

    The following is a thread to discuss Xplane's accuracy of simulation compared to other flight simulators, as well as an initial platform for Thorsten to voice his opinion on blade element theory. The context is listed below: NOTE: Quotes taken from the original thread found here...
  5. Samuel Edwards

    Question Spacecraft3/4: Can you define more than two MFDs in VC?

    Hello, I'm using Spacecraft3/4 to create a ShuttleA-esque cargo transporter and am now in the Virtual Cockpit design phase. Recently, I learned how to define mesh points for HUD and MFD placement. My question is: are you able to define more than just two MFDs? If so, what is the syntax...
  6. Samuel Edwards

    RIP Christina Grimmie She was shot after a concert in Orlando last night and died early today. While many famous artists and figures have passed this year, they were given their time and had wonderful, fantastic...
  7. Samuel Edwards

    RIP BB King. The King of the Blues has passed away. A few weeks ago, hospice was called in for problems he was having with his diabetes. RIP BB. You will be missed. :(
  8. Samuel Edwards

    Happy Easter, OF!

    Enjoy your egg hunts and subsequent Eucharists. :cheers:
  9. Samuel Edwards

    Project HASSESA Industries

    Welcome to the HASSESA Industries development thread. Many of you know, through chatbox spamming, that I have been on a development streak. I really enjoy meshing and have had many ideas for projects sent I created my JLEO satellite. As to limit my chatbox spamming, I decided to just create a...
  10. Samuel Edwards

    RIP Monty Oum of Rooster Teeth Monty Oum has passed away from a severe allergic reaction during a medical procedure. Talented guy taken far too soon. RIP, Monty.
  11. Samuel Edwards

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. :cheers:
  12. Samuel Edwards

    Humor Weird alien on my windshield??

    Keeping in the sacred tradition, I posted this year's XR-2 alien thread. :lol: Happy Halloween O-F :cheers: -Jamie
  13. Samuel Edwards

    Question Adding parachutes to a ship.

    Hello guys. So, I'm working on a capsule that I'll be coding with spacecraft3. Nothing too fancy, but I was wondering if anyone can give me advice as to how I would go about adding parachutes to my vessel when the time comes? Is it possible to do it in spacecraft3? Do I need to just buckle...
  14. Samuel Edwards

    Question Spacecraft3 Particle Streams in Space.

    Greetings, As a lot of you know from chatbox "smalltalk" I have been working on a satellite. I'm using Spacecraft3 for the vessel coding. My question is, how do I use the particle streams for my RCS thrusters? I should note that I'm still tweaking values, etc. What I need to know is...
  15. Samuel Edwards

    My KSC Atlantis Display Trip

    I promised the guys in the chatbox I'd create a thread with the pictures from my KSC trip last weekend. A little teaser. :P Follow the link to the album.
  16. Samuel Edwards

    Advanced Question How to manually create .TEX files.

    Hello, I have a little project I'm doing that requires the creation of a separate solar system from the default one in orbiter. I know how to create planets and moons etc. The problem I'm having is creating textures that are higher than level 8. I was wondering if there were any other...
  17. Samuel Edwards

    Question Creating a spacecraft3 vessel with my mesh.

    As many of you know, I've been learning how to mesh and texture the mesh in orbiter. I recently figured out how to import my mesh into orbiter and place it near a base. My question is: how would I go about creating a .cfg file for my mesh, so I can create it as a vessel in orbiter? I assume...
  18. Samuel Edwards

    (New) Orbiter Magazine Thread

    Fellow Orbinauts, Welcome to the new Orbiter Magazine Thread. Columbia42 has given me permission to take over this project. The goal of this thread is for the development of the magazine. I am calling out for writers for the magazine. We already have two people, (not including myself) to...
  19. Samuel Edwards

    Nearing my foot surgery...

    ...I just wanted to inform everyone that my foot surgery coming up tomorrow may affect my time on the forum. I might not be active onm the forum for a few weeks. It depends on how I'm doing after my surgery. I go under the knife around 11:30AM EST. Wish the doctors luck, and pray that this...
  20. Samuel Edwards

    General Question XR2 Reentry Request

    Hello: tiphat: Before I get into my request I want to make this clear. YES, I have searched the forums and read previous threads on this subject. ;) None of which helped me in my goal to finally deorbit and land my XR2 back on Earth. I know that many of you will just link me to previous...