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  1. emin2004

    Request Grumman Old Apollo Designs

    I was wondering about implementing the 4 old Designs of Grumman LEMs into Orbiter 2016.
  2. emin2004

    Future Addition for NASSP

    future Addition for the NASSP will include the following Apollo to Venus Command and service module Long-Range Flyer/Lunar Escape System Lunar Motorbike Original Saturn plans Project Able LEM Project Icarus Saturn 1 Saturn 1B MLV Saturn INT-21 Saturn S-ID stage Saturn V-24 Skylab (NASSP Version)
  3. emin2004

    what happened to the hail probe emote

    as you may know orbiter-fans - space-fans alike, the Hail Probe is one of those emotes that people love to use on his/her reply after the Migration to the XenForo, The Hail Probe has Sadly Disappeared from the Orbiter-forum as a Result, a Picture has been Made to Pay Respects to the Hail...
  4. emin2004

    Request Evac-Plane from Evacuate Earth

    so Recently i Seen the National Geographic's Evacuate Earth and the only one that Caught my Attention was the Evac-Plane and this is what it look like although someone can create a Model of this.
  5. emin2004

    Request JEO Request

    @kyle can you do JEO for me