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  1. DanM

    Programming as a subject of study

    I have a question directed towards the programming and computer science oriented users of the forum. This semester, as a requirement for my Physics degree, I am taking a course of Unix and C. I've found this to be more difficult than I expected. I can understand most concepts and what they do...
  2. DanM

    [GER] Beste Foren

    Seit ich habe Uni angefangen, mein Deutsch hat schlecht geworden. In meine Freizeit (in diesem Semester ich habe mehr als ich habe entgegengesehen) ich studiere Sprachen (Deutsch, Italienisch und Portugiesisch) und brauche mehr Quellen. Ich möchte mehr Wörter für Wissenschaft und Technik lernen...
  3. DanM

    Question Buying a netbook

    My past few months have been characterized by increasing frustration with this failing, aging laptop and a clunky set up that makes it hard to move to where I prefer to study. I've decided to solve this by getting a netbook to use solely for school purposes (yes I know tablets are the way of the...
  4. DanM

    TransX Changing Maj

    I've been using TransX more and more for lunar flights and LEO rendezvous, however now I've begun to foray more into the world of interplanetary flight. If I want to fly from LEO to another planet, how do I change the Maj from Earth to the Sun? Is this possible while in Earth orbit?
  5. DanM

    Higher Education Experience

    What is everyone's higher education experience on here? Personally, I just started working on my B.S. in Physics back in August at Colorado State University. I'm starting to really consider adding a few classes so I can also get a degree in Mathematics. I don't have the strongest interest in...
  6. DanM

    Tablets for Math and Physics

    A few weeks ago I began working on my BS in Physics. With the courses I'm in (Calculus II, Physics I, etc) there is quite a bit of math I need to write out. Instead of working on paper, I might want to switch to a tablet. Does anyone have experience or recommendations using this kind of technology?
  7. DanM

    Hello again!

    Hey O-F I haven't been on here in a while. Some of you might remember me, others may not. I've started using Orbiter more recently. Last month I started working on my Bachelor's in Physics at Colorado State University. I look forward to spending more time here in the coming months. :hello:
  8. DanM

    [GER] Deutscher Filmen

    Heute abend habe ich Auf Wiedersehen, Lenin! gesehen. Ich auch habe Nordwand, Die Weisse Rose und Der Untergang gesehen. Welcher Filmen schlagt ihr vor dass, ähneln sind? Danke Schön! Wenn ich habe Abwegen gemacht, es tut mir Leid. Mein Deutsch ist nicht die Besten, aber ich immer lerne...
  9. DanM

    Introducing myself to calculus

    This fall I will be enrolled in courses on calculus and calculus based physics at my school. Over summer I plan to introduce myself to the topic. I know almost nothing about it other than that it is the study of change and the definition of "derivative," along with some historical context...
  10. DanM

    [GER] Deutsch Training

    Hallo! Ich lerne Deutsch jetzt seit drei Jahren. Ich glaube das ich soll die Sprache durch Immersion lernen. Ich weiss das mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut. Könnt ihr meine Abwege berichtigen bitte? Danke!
  11. DanM

    Advocating for US Human Space Flight

    Recently for English class I had to do an advocacy project. I chose to advocate for increasing funding to NASA's human space flight program. I decided to put my essay on here for any critique that can be offered. To anyone who's wondering I'm a junior in High School. Thanks!
  12. DanM

    What is your MBTI?

    I'm curious to hear what everyone's MBTI is. I have taken a few tests, which usually give me INTJ. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a lot of other INTJs here because we're generally excellent scientists and engineers. Many people on those career fields tend to be that way, such as my father...
  13. DanM

    Showing Orbiter to teachers

    So I'm thinking of showing my physics teacher Orbiter. He actually has a BS in Physics, and is working on his MS with a thesis in Black Holes, Neutron Stars, etc. What advice would you give me for telling him about it? Has anyone done this in the past? Thank You
  14. DanM

    Buying a used laptop

    Hello everyone I've been travelling more and more often, and I would like to have computing/Internet while on the go. Since October '09, I've been using my iPod touch, but now my needs have outgrown it. I just can't use the touch screen and it's too small. So I decided to get a netbook a while...
  15. DanM

    Space Camp

    Today I just returned from Space Camp's Advanced Space Academy program in Huntsville, Alabama. It was AWESOME! Some of my teammates got to SCUBA dive like astronauts do to train. I got to do EVAs in a harness trainer and a simulated Canada Arm. We flew a 6 hour shuttle mission in a simulator...
  16. DanM

    Poll Favorite Poll?

    What is your favorite poll today?
  17. DanM

    Science Most challenging science?

    Out of any type of science that you have studied, what is the most challenging to learn and understand? In high school, I've formally studied biology and chemistry, and I have a pretty solid base in physics, partly from Orbiter and my dad, who has a degree in physics. To me, chemistry is the...
  18. DanM

    Poll Nuclear Power

    What does everyone here think of nuclear power? Personally, I think that it's a safe, clean, and efficient way to generate electricity in spite of past disasters. I know quite a bit about it, since my dad has a degree in physics, works at a nuclear plant, and used to be a reactor operator. In...
  19. DanM

    Manned Spacecraft Elimination Game

    I've seen these games on other forums. There are a set of things, and they all start with 10 points. You take away one point from something, and give it to another. I'll start by taking a point away from Shenzhou and giving it to Apollo Vostok-10 Voskhod-10 Soyuz-10 Mercury-10 Gemini-10...
  20. DanM

    Poll Would you go to space?

    I would definitely go to space if I could. In spite of all the risks, I give an arm and a leg just for an Al Shepard style mission. I guess if I could go anywhere in space, though, I would probably go on a trip to the moon.