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Willy Ley Space Taxi ver.2 2015-11-28

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Update: This version is free of the constraints of Spacecraft3 and works in Orbiter 2016.
An intraspace cargo/passenger carrier designed to move men and material between space cargo ships and manned space stations.
Provided are scenarios for both World of Colliers and standalone situations.  Nevertheless, since Werner Von Braun’s version of the Space Taxi has been included in the Orbiter universe already, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to Willy Ley to include his version of the Space Taxi.
Required Software
Orbiter v.2016 (160828)  It may work on earlier versions prior to 2010P1...haven't tested yet.
Optional Software
1. Sputnik’s add on: World of Colliers.
2. Gadfly’s add on: Space Taxi (Spacecraft3).
All file names are unique and should not overwrite existing files, especially if World of Colliers and/or Space Taxi (Spacecraft3) are already installed
This add-on was developed for Orbiter version 2010P1 (build Aug 10 2010).  It was tested using an Orbiter installation with up to 60 other add-ons activated (using JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler) without any problems noted…so far.
Credits and Acknowledgements
Willy Ley: for the original concept
Dr. Martin Schweiger: for Orbiter Space Flight Simulator
Artlav: for Spacecraft3 to DLL converter (110509)
Sputnik: for World of Colliers add-on
Gadfly: for Space Taxi (Spacecraft3) add-on
willy88: for the inspiration to go “retro”
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