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Universal Autopilots 0.3.1 2011-06-12


Programmable autopilots &  flight manager for Orbiter.
-Configurable - want to take off from the Moon on retro engines? No problem. Want to launch upside-down? Granted. Etc.
-Sequenced - you give it a set of steps, it follow them, like from Earth to a Lunar station
-Vessel and MFD independent - you can fly as many vessels as you want and you can close the MFD whenever you want without interference
-Automatic time acceleration controls mode - it will slow down for maneuvres and speed back up during cruise
-Portable - works in Orbiter and in Spaceway
-Saveable - quit, restart, keep going
Autopilots supported:
-Lift off
-Runway lift off
-Aerial maneuvres
-Final landing on a pad
-Align planes
-Sync orbits
-Hohman transfer to a moon
-Attitude (Prograde, retrograde, up, nodes, etc)
-Maneuvres (burn by time or dv)
-Tools (press key for gears, wait for condition, undock, beep, start other vessel, etc)
Known issues:
-It appears that Shuttle Fleet uses something like engine gimballing for pitch control instead of RCS, making it uncontrollable for the UAP. Won't be easy to fix.
-Scram engines are not default, and thus cannot be accessed without vessel-side support
-Support for shutdown modes other than "Terminate Orbiter process" is undefined
-Estimated Time to End of Sequence (through entire sequence) is impossible to implement (reliably)
Changes since 0.3.0:
-Error reporting for failed sequences
-Error reporting on missing target vessel
-Docking AP time accel limit is now 10x
-Fixed docking & O2010P1 issues
-Maneuvre autopilot:
---Burn timed
---Burn by DV
--Orientations (Absolute by nose):
---From target
---Towards target
-Tools autopilot:
--Wait for distance
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