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Tutorial | Create and launch your own rocket (Orbiter 2010P1) 2018-08-19

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This tutorial aims to teach you the steps in order to create a simple single-staged rocket and how to introduce that model into Orbiter 2010P1 for launch it. This procedure will eventually teach you how to create a multi-stage rocket. It’s not ‘how modeling’, but it’s how to launch in Orbiter a rocket that you created previously. This tutorial cover how to create a mesh, how to texturize (UV mapping), how create the directory of your rocket, how to config, etc. You required 3D modeling experience to follow this tutorial. The only addon required for this tutorial is Multistage 2015 by Fred18. Other programs are listed in the PDF file. With the tutorial, I share files of a Japanese H-IIB rocket model made by myself and files of a fictional 'Lite rocket' which is used for explaining the tutorial. Have fun and learn!
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