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TransX 2018.05.06 MMExt2 for Orbiter 2016 2018-07-07


TransX is a flexible planning and navigation tool for interplanetary transfers and orbital operations.
This package replaces the stock TransX.dll. It contains bugfixes and new features.Update:Linking VC++ dynamically now
New features:
A) Modul e Messaging Ext SDK utilisation for communicating with Launch MFD and BurnTimeC alcMFD (BTC)
B) Auto-Center™ (Target View's crosshair auto centering):The Manoeuvre mode now has a new variable: Auto-Center. Switch it on to automatically center the crosshair and switch it off in the Manoeuvre mode to disable it. 
C) The hypotetical line of nodes, which results from changing plane velocity, is now drawn as a dashed grey line, while the solid line is the reference line of nodes between source and target bodies.
D) Auto-Min™ (Closest Approach minimization):Serves as automatic solution finder
E) Displaying Hohmann DV, Total Hypo DV, Time Of Flight in Eject View and Circ Delta in Encounter View (together with dgatsoulis)
Requires: Modul eMes sagingExtMicrosoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable
For more information check the full README& lt; /a>
Sources available inside the package.Latest sources on-line.Devel opment thread.
Copyright © 2007-9 Steve Arch, Duncan SharpeCopyright © 2011 atomicdryad - 'ENT' button & Pen allocation fixCopyright © 2013 Dimitris Gatsoulis (dgatsoulis) - HacksCopyright © 2013-8 Szymon Ender (Enjo) - Auto-Min™, Auto-Center™ & other hacks