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Themis-A Launch Vehicle 1.0 2013-03-16


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Joint Aerospace Systems proudly presents: Themis-AA versatile rocket system designed to carry variety of manned and unmanned payloads into orbit. It’s a expendable medium class launcher capable of delivering up to ~20 metric tons to 250km circular LEO. Themis has internal launch autopilot accessible by MFD that can put LV into various orbits and can be controlled manually or using dedicated MFD. System consists of corestage, 2 upperstages and optional SRBs. All possible configurations can be achieved by creating custom config files either manually, or using Themis-A Configuration application. Custom fairing system allows users to define new fairing types or payload adapters. Adjustable height over ground makes it easy to launch from any location/launchpad and Integrated Payload Manager makes payloads easy to handle and deploy. Installation:- Unpack to orbiter folder preserving directory structure.- Enable ThemisMFD in modules tab Please read instruction manuals inside Doc/Themis-A folder before usage. This addon requires:.NET Framework 4.0payload managerorbiter sound 4.0 Highly recommended:Carl Sagan Space CenterDirect3D9 graphic client 
Payload estimation table by nicholander
Creators:– Greg „Loru” Lorens – main concept, mesh, textures– Adam „Woo482” Maudsley – C++ codingUpdate 20130320.decimal point in cofigurator fixed
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