The DC-6 of Tintin on the Moon

The DC-6 of Tintin on the Moon 2016-01-03

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FOR ORBITER 2010 only

Here is the plane that takes Tintin, Snowy and the Captain Haddock to travel from belgium to Sprodj (Syldavia) where the Professor Calculus is working to accomplish the first human flight to the Moon ( before the American one ) ;) .

This aircraft is very fun and very easy to fly (no joystick needing ).
It has many new animations due to the Vinka's Spacecraft4 module.
A huge thank you to Vinka for his work !!!

In addition to this aircraft, an additional airport is included : Prague 1953.

Also included "Template" files to realize custom skins for this aircraft (if you wish).

This addon requires no additional addon for all scenarios located in the [DC-6 aircraft] folder.
But some scenarios (in the [ Tintin on the Moon ] folder) require the installation of some additional addons in order to have all the scenery and all the characters.
A list of these addons to install (up to you) , and of course explanations for this aircraft, can be found in the documentation located in the [Doc \ Tintin] folder.

A patch (# 2) for the addon "Tintin sur la Lune" is also provided. ( in [Doc \ Tintin] folder ).

Have a good flight !!!

Compatible SDKs:
- Vinka's Spacecraft4 (Already included in this add-on)
Supported Orbiter Version
  1. 2010-P1
First release
Last update
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