Soyuz 7K-T Alpha

Soyuz 7K-T Alpha Baikal

  • Basic main/backup battery implementation added, with power drain variation based on active systems on top of base power drain: external lights, IKP, clock
  • Combined power mode and recharge when docked to Salyut (no influence from sun exposure for now)
  • ELS button changed to be all-signal illumination test
  • KSU SSVP signalling only when SSVP power on and show extended/retracted/open/closed, not intermediate states
  • Improvements to SSVP operation
  • IKP: Automatic Descent and Automatic Manoeuvre programs, standby and illumination test modes added
  • BTSI target Delta-V input enabled for IKP Programs
  • Optimisation of VC panel display rendering
  • Vzor central and peripheral screen on/off added
  • Globe texture updated (southern hemisphere latitude labels)
  • Scenario save states for orientation modes, PVU/IKP and BDUS
  • Igla temporarily disabled
  • Documentation updated