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This is a simulation of the second generation Soyuz spacecraft, back when it was green, first launched uncrewed as Kosmos 496 in 1972, and crewed as Soyuz 12 in 1973. The 7K-T was introduced in the wake of the Soyuz 11 incident, for increased safety and focusing on the space station ferry role. This is a very different ship to handle compared to the modern Soyuz (versions TM and newer), with mostly analog electronics and avionics, based on 1960's technology, and a much more limited orbital capability. The Salyut 4 space station is also included as the mission target of Soyuz.

Soyuz 7K-T is a fully custom Orbiter addon, meant to simulate the spacecraft at the system level, as realistically as my time and skill allow. Development is still on-going, and this is a work in progress version. As such, systems are still missing and certain details will look unfinished, and bugs are to be expected. However, a full simulation of a flight to Salyut 4 and back is possible with, I hope, a decent level of immersion.

Features (see manual for full details):
  • Descent Module Virtual Cockpit, with the main and lateral KSU control panels modelled, with partial functionality, and a very basic interior model;
  • By default, the VC is in Russian, but an English option is available;
  • Full flight sequence simulated: launch, rendezvous and docking, module separation, re-entry and landing under parachute;
  • "Igla" approach and docking autopilot, precursor to the more modern Kurs system, with interaction between Soyuz and Salyut;
  • Realistic SSVP docking assembly simulation, with probe, latches and hooks;
  • Orbital and Solar Orientation and Inertial Attitude Hold autopilots;
  • Ion, Infrared and Sun sensors for orientation;
  • Integrating Accelerometer for manual burns;
  • DPO and DO manoeuvring systems, running on independent propellant supplies;
  • Main and backup orbital corrective engines (SKDU);
  • Vzor optical periscope for manual orientation and approach viewing;
  • SUS descent control, with ballistic re-entry automatic guidance;
  • Automated drogue and main parachute sequence and landing;
  • A Flight Guide and other documentation are included to accompany the scenarios.

The aim is for the full release to cover as many of the spacecraft's systems as possible, in a realistic and highly immersive manner. However, this is still a loosely defined goal, so these alpha versions are intended to not hold it back from the community, and will be updated here as new meaningful features are added. Kavkaz is the first version released here on Orbiter-Forum's addons section, and also the first in the call-sign inspired naming scheme.

The disclaimer: due to the relative lack of documentation describing the old Soyuz, many assumptions are made on how certain systems worked, and certain adaptations also have to be made to bring them to Orbiter. Nor do I claim full understanding and 100% accurate simulation of what is documented, though open to improve.

Please see the README file for the requirements, recommendations and acknowledgments. This is for Orbiter 2016 ONLY and the D3D9 client is highly recommended, particularly for the VC functionality. A changelog is also included relative to the previous (June 2022) version.
Pleaser read the included Manual and Flight Guide for further details on the implemented systems and how to use them in flight.

Special thanks to castorp for permission to use the wonderful external Soyuz/Salyut meshes from the OctoberSky Project, which are the foundation of this project. They are not included as original, however, as some modifications have been made.

Code is published under the MIT license.
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