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Orbitrader v. 0.13 BETA 2007-10-05


Remember Orbinomics? OrbitraderMFD is the next generation of utility for incorporating trading in Orbiter. As the name suggests, the utility doesn't make you have to Alt Tab your simulation, and composes nicely into an Orbiter MFD. The best part is, that along with She'da'Lier, we want to create an on-line multiplayer server which would keep track of all players' transactions, and allow some kind of interaction: If someone got to Brighton Beach earlier and sold all his synthetic food and water before you, you'd get less money for the same, assuming a relatively short time difference between the two transactions.

I've decided to upload the Beta version to see the interest for this kind of utility, to get more motivated, and for testing purposes. Be aware that it may CTD in certain moments.

Development thread

Latest changes (v. 0.13 BETA
- Added a simple but in some way expandable menu, which also allowed selecting a port (dock) to which an another vessel is docked. You can only get the docked vessel's name after selecting a port which it uses (this is displayed). This feature allows transferring and intentional redistributing cargo between ships (e.g. you may want to send two ships with different cargo to different moons of a system in which you've just arrived)
- Buttons redesign - the SeleCT button switched places with BUY and SeLL, because it's more ergonomic this way, since we have menu items to select.

Source code included and released under GPL v.2

Copyright 2007 by Simon Ender
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