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OrbiComm Satellite v0.86 (hotfix) 2014-12-21


OrbiComm Satellite (v0.86 - hotfix)Nowadays, heavy communication satellites (up to 6,700 kg) are essential in our everyday lives and transmit flows of information all around the globe 24/24 & 7/7. In Geostationary Earth Orbit, 35,786 km above the Equator, those spacecraft can stay in duty for more than 15 years.This addon gives you a chance to take the challenge of deploying one of those in GEO. While launches broadcasts gives us an impression of routine, planning such a launch requires an advanced knowledge of orbital mechanics.The addon includes 5 scenarios ; 4 of them require Velcro Rockets + Velcro EELV. Launch from KSC with the Space Shuttle carrying the Centaur-G tug, Atlas V 551 or Delta 4H EELV, or even try your chance from Baikonur using a Proton-M/Briz-M, ILS workhorse !v0.85 update log :
- Shuttle/Centaur-G (Velcro) scenario added.- New Velcro Centaur-G tug (existing one was Centaur-G "prime", which is heavier).- Proton-M/Briz-M scenario added.- New Velcro Briz-M tug (core + torus, includes a full version and a partially-fueled version).- Added helping information in the scenarios description.- Some details added on OrbiComm mesh.- OrbiComm D3D9 materials properties file now included.- Re-designed OrbiComm thrusters, now uses real hardware for more realism (see '3-Specifications' in the Readme).
v0.86 update log :
- The .dll module included in the v0.85 package was outdated, which caused mesh animations issues. Also now really includes the RCS redesigned code mentionned above.
- Manual converted to .pdf for ERE (Enhanced Reading Experience).
Special Thanks to orbinaut 'Sputnik' for the very handy 'Velcro Rockets' addon !
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