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Narn Homeworld (Updated) 2023-09-07


This is a recreation of the Narn homeworld from Babylon 5. The planet orbits 82 Eridani, a yellow dwarf star located about 20 light-years from Earth. As with the Epsilon Eridani system, the add-on is based on a combination of the actual planetary system around 82 Eridani and how it's portrayed in Babylon 5, with the Narn homeworld as a fictional outermost planet. As for the add-on itself, I promise you won't be disappointed. Enjoy!

Some scenarios require the G'Quan-class Narn cruiser, Th'Nor-class Narn cruiser, T'loth-class Narn assault ship, Shokar-class Narn cruiser, Thentus-class Narn frigate, Frazi-class Narn fighter, Gorith-class Narn fighter, Toreth-class Narn fighter, Narn Jumpgate, Bin'Tak-class Narn dreadnought, Narn outpost, Narn military base, and Narn transport add-ons.

This addon has been extensively updated to be more series-accurate and to take advantage of more recent scientific discoveries, with updated physical parameters, three new planets, a new readme file, and several new scenarios. For those scenarios featuring add-ons currently awaiting release, an Aurora-type Starfury is employed as a placeholder vessel.

Oh, and one other thing - yes, I know there were no major bodies of water visible on the planet in the series, but I personally imagine its surface is not totally dry, even after the plundering of its resources by the Centauri.
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