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More Realistic Earth Atmosphere V3 2010-06-15


More realistic earth atmosphere v3.0 from Axel Danz for Orbiter 100606
This is not a bugfix or replacement for my version 1.0 or 2.0, its just for Orbiter 2010. The blue of planet is appears here in a little bit other channel!
Version 1.0 and 2.0 are looking nice in Orbiter 2006, but bad in Orbiter 2010.
This is a more realistic view from earth in space and from surface. I compared it with actual real space photos from shuttle missions for creation this. Its only a simple change in earth.cfg file, but i did need many hours for getting the best result !!! I found the original colors wrong in Orbiter 2010, to mutch violett stuff.
I tryed other realistic mods, but if i went to higher orbits or to another atmospheric planets i got strange glow rings and big fogs, which strong reduced my sight to surface. Now with this, u will enjoy the new view from earth and never miss it. Watch the sunrise !!!
Simply copy the lines from "earth-atmo-dates" file and overwrite/delete the old lines in your orbiter earth.cfg file (to  find in Orbiter\config\ ). Backup the old earth.cfg before.
Be free to edit/experiment with the lines of atmospheric (color) parameters, if u dont like my settings. If u found a nicer setting then please write me or upload it to orbithangar!
Have fun with our home planet !!!
Axel Danz
[email protected]
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