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LunarTransfer MFD (LTMFD) 1.6

This is MFD addon for Orbiter space flight simulator versions 2016+

LunarTransferMFD is a numerical lunar transfer trajectory calculator. It can be used to compute single impulse lunar transfer trajectories with better accuracy than typical patched conic applications such as IMFD. LunarTransferMFD is based on Broyden's method with numerical forward trajectory model (RKF56). Typical user input parameters are desired time of periapis passage, altitude and flight heading in the periapis.

In the current version, operation is limited in Apollo style flights from the Earth's surface to lunar surface and back. Missions starting from unaligned orbits are not yet supported and many other advanced features are still under work.

LunarTransferMFD can be used only with high thrust vehicles such as Apollo and LRO. Low thrust propulsion systems like ion-engines won't work with LTMFD.
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  1. 2016
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Essential kit for Earth-Moon voyages.
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