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Lunar Space Shuttle 0.9 2007-12-10


The Lunar Space Shuttle is the farthest leg of the trip through the Lunar Transfer System. It is a cargo-carrying lunar lander with enough performance to land a 30 metric ton payload on the lunar surface and return empty on one tank of fuel. It can also be used for misions carrying cargo or passengers from the Moon into lunar orbit. The payload modules are Space Shuttle compatible.

Once in lunar orbit, you can transfer payload to the Lunar Transfer Vehicle or to a space station or to any other vessel you wish to use.

There is a docking port on the forward end, and attachment points for payloads.

Five different meshes are included, each with a different ship name.

Future models may have more features and better performance modeling, but this is quite flyable. Enjoy!

AutoHoverMFD is included courtesy of computerex!

This addon requires Spacecraft3.dll, last seen here:

Scenarios use the following addons, though you can always insert an LSS into your own scenario without them:

-The Lunar Transfer Vessel and various payload modules, which you can find on Orbithangar by searching my username (Andy44):-The Nova-SSTO last seen on Sourceforge:


-To pump fuel, I recommend the Fuel Managment MFD, found on Avsim:

-To assist in lunar landings, I highly recommend LandMFD by the late Dennis Hare (LazyD), found here:
One of the ships in this package is named for him.

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