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Lunar Base Niven v.3.2 for Orbiter 2010 2012-11-07

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Release 3.2 changes: Added landing pad #10 to accommodate very large vessels, i.e., Dan Steph's Arrow Freighter.  Pad 10 has a VTOL transmitter and a UCGO cargo landing beacon (vessel) for landing navigation.  Fixed a minor shadow problem in base config file (Niven.cfg).
Release 3.1 changes:
Fixed the flashing problem.  Credit and thanks go to both Loru and woo482.
Release changes:

Dome and air lock animations using vessel DLL modules.
Reworked meshes and textures.
UMmu breathable areas and AI controlled UCGO cars.
Consolidation of nuclear power plant and Niven into one base.
The base is located in the crater Jules Verne on lunar farside. It is home to the
Schmitt Selenology Research Institute and the Jansky-Reber Radio Astronomy
Observatory operating the Ryle-Pawsey VLA radio telescope.
The base is also a spaceport and repair facility – with nine landing pads each
with a subsurface pressurized hangar capable of holding 2 Shuttle-A’s or 3 Delta
Glider sized vessels at a time.
The base’s power needs are supplied from 2 sources: the Sun itself via the 800
photoelectric panels and a nuclear power plant for the long 2 week lunar night.
A tribute to Dennis Hare (Lazy D) is located near landing pad #1.
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