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Launch MFD - v. 1.6.5 for Orbiter 2010 2018-04-04


For Orbiter 2010 ONLY.
Launch MFD calculates the appropriate launch azimuth, insertion profile (SSTO and 2-stage only) and time to launch a spaceship to intercept a satellite or a specific orbit, for example such that is described as parking orbit before ejection in TransX. Many physical influences are taken into account to provide you with a good accuracy of the calculations. After the launch, the MFD shows you an orientation of ship, that is needed to reach the described orbit. The orientation is adaptive in regard to the current situation in means of position and velocity. You can also use an included PID autopilot, which follows the provided orientation smoothly (although blindly). All these features may be used simultaneously and independently for each ship in the simulation.The MFD also allows to perform a Direct Ascent manoeuvre, ie. a mostly automated method of intercepting a satellite right at the moment of orbital insertion, without the need of performing orbital manouvers. Demo clip, tutorial clip (available also as Orbiter playback in the package)
Requires HUDDr awer SDK ,Modul eMessagingExt SDK======================Changes
v. 1.6.5 05-04-2018
- Removed OrbiterSound dependency and using only own Sound class- Linking dynamically against ModuleMessagingExt via LoadLibrary - no fixed dependency anymore- Sorted out correct left margin for all MFD text
======================Copyright © 2007 "Vanguard" - initial MFD authorCopyright © 2007-2018 Szymon Ender "Enjo” - author and maintainerCopyright © 2007 Pawel Stiasny "She'da'Lier" - contributorCopyright © 2008 Mohd Ali "Computerex" - contributorCopyright © 2008 Chris Jeppesen "Kwan" - PEG codeCopyright © 2008 Steve Arch "agentgonzo" - co-developerCopyright © 2009 CJ Plooy & Tim Blaxland - KOST librarySources includedReleased under GNU GPL v.3
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