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Launch and Rendezvous Autopilot for Greg Burch's LSTS in Lua 2013-01-04

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This is a launch and rendezvous autopilot for Greg Burch's Medium Utility Lander (LSTS2204) and Heavy Utility Lander (LSTS2312). The Scenario is a launch into a lunar orbit and Rendezvous with the Gilgamesh transporter (LSTS2012). It is based on the Apollo 11 Lunar Ascent Profile.
The features of the script are:
-Calculation of the launch time
-Powered Ascent with crossrange capability
-Coelliptic Sequence Initiation (CSI): Raising the Perilune to 45 NM
-Planar Correction (if necessary)
-Constant Delta Height (CDH): Adjustment of the orbit to be coelliptic with the target
-Terminal Phase Initiation (TPI): Burn along the Line-of-Sight to initiate a rendezvous course
-performing two Mid Course Corrections (MCC1 and MCC2)
-The Lander should be now on a collision course to the transporter ;)
Read the manual for all required addons.Updates:  -4. Jan. 2013: -Ascent autopilot based on Apollo guidance equations
                                            -All maneuvers improved and more realistic
                                            -PDF manual added 
                  -8. Nov. 2012: -Minor bug fixes and improvements
                  -6. Nov. 2012: -Now working for the Heavy Lander
                                            -Added Braking
                                            -Holding Line-of-Sight while MCC and Braking
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