KOUROU CSG Space Center v5.1

KOUROU CSG Space Center v5.1 2020-09-04

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The Kourou's French Guyana Space Center (CSG)
1 for Orbiter 2016.

With all family Ariane rockets, Soyuz and Vega, and Pads

What's new (since last version 5.0 ) :
  • One zip file for the whole pack, tiles, sceneries, and rockets.
  • Compatible with Dan's Orbitersound v5.0 and later.
  • Addition of a scenario using all the new commands of OrbiterSound.


1) If this is a first installation, you just have to unzip this "zip" file into your Orbiter's root folder.
⚠️ The original "Kourou.cfg" file will be overwritten.

2) If you have already installed a previous version, before unzipping this "zip" file, do this :
Delete these 2 folders :
<your ORBITER 2016> \ Scenarios \ CSG - KOUROU (some scenarios are renamed)
<your ORBITER 2016> \ Html \ Scenarios \ Kourou ( this folder is no longer useless)
And delete all the "XRSound-Kourou _ *. cfg" files located in the folder :
<your ORBITER 2016> \ XRSound (these files are now unnecessary)
Once this is done, directly unzip the "zip" file (KOUROU-v5.1.zip) in the root folder of your Orbiter.
Some old files will be overwritten, that's normal, let it be ...

⚠️ ⚠️ Mandatory addon : 👈👈👈
Multistage2015 for Orbiter2016 by Fred18. Here .
Make sure you have the latest version (Otherwise risk to have a CTD)

Recommended Addons :

Thanks to Xosema for the Ariane-1-2-3 and Vega rockets.
Thanks to Well and No Matter for the Ariane 4 and Ariane5 rockets.
Thanks to Edy for the Ariane 6 rocket.
Thanks to Mustard and No Matter for the Soyuz rocket.
Thanks to BrianJ for his help for the ELS and ELA4's arms. (dll files for automatics movements)
Thanks to Papyref and Mustard to have done the first version (for Orbiter 2006).
Thanks to Pappy2 for testing this add-on.

Please read the 3 explicative Manuals in the ...\Doc\Kourou-base folder :
  • Kourou-CSG.pdf (facilities description)
  • Kourou Rockets.pdf (rockets description and vessels/vehicles/animated objects controls)
  • Kourou Technotes.pdf (technical notes, tips and bugs)
( in English, and also in French of course ! ). :salute:
Read also the original docs of the other authors in the folder ...\Doc\Kourou-base\Origine Docs.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated ! ... :cheers:🇫🇷
Supported Orbiter Version
  1. 2016
First release
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