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ISV Pegasus V2.0 2014-07-20


Hey, I finally finished ISV Pegasus V2.0!
this is the seccond version of ISV Pegasus, a recreation of the mission from the BBC TV special, Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets.
This release contains the International Space Vehicle Pegasus, its five landers, its two autonomous robotic probes, detailed surface bases refueling tanks, virtual cockpits for ALL landers and manned craft, and Mission-specific cargos, such as a Mars rover
This addon requires that you have Dansteph's UMMU and UCGO installed.
Note: I would NOT recomend installing this addon into the same directory as ISV Pegasus V1.0 if installed!
this addon is FULLY D3D9 compatible.
it took me close to five solid months creating this, and another five meticulously perfecting it. I would really love it if you rated or commented! any feedback you have is much appreciated :)
This is an updated version of the one I released on 07.21.2014
please report any bugs
Enjoy! - MrMartian
Mr Martian
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